Will I get cost of living support? Who receives the £650 one-time payment and how the energy rebate will be paid

 Will I get cost of living support?  Who receives the £650 one-time payment and how the energy rebate will be paid


The cost of living crisis is crippling millions across the UK, many of whom are struggling to pay their energy bills and other expenses.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £15bn aid package on Thursday, acknowledging the need for more help.

Here’s everything you need to know about who gets these payments.

What has the government promised?

Mr Sunak reaffirmed a range of aid measures to help people overcome the cost of living crisis.

Each household in the UK will receive £400 to cover their high energy bills, and this is now a grant that does not need to be repaid.

This was a change from the previous government’s policy, which required each family to receive £200 which was to be paid back over five years.

Some measures, however, are tested means and do not apply to everyone.

Families receiving benefits such as Universal Credit and other proof of income benefits will receive an additional £650.

Mr Sunak said: “More than eight million families already have enough income for the state to support their cost of living through the welfare system.”

He added: “They are facing incredibly difficult choices right now, so I can announce today that we will be sending a one-time payment of £650, over-valued support directly to the approximately 8 million lowest-income families. Let over 5 billion vulnerable people believe that we are with them in this difficult time.

It also announced a one-time disability cost of living payment of £150 and retirees would receive a one-time payment of £300.

Mr Sunak told municipalities: “People with disabilities also face additional costs in their daily lives, such as having energy-intensive equipment in the home or workplace.

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“Therefore, to help the 6 million people who receive untested disability benefits, we will send them an additional one-time alimony payment worth £150 from September.

“Many people with disabilities will also receive a payment of £650 which I have already announced, bringing the total cost of living to £800.”

It is possible to receive more than one of these payments at the same time.

When and how will I receive my payment?

A lump sum of £650 will be paid in two installments, the first of which is due in July.

“DWP will make two one-time payments, the first from July, the second in the fall, with payments from HMRC for those who will follow up on the tax credits shortly,” Mr. Sunak said.

Payment will be credited to payers’ accounts in England, Wales and Scotland by direct debit, cash or check. Those who use the prepayment meter will see the money charged on the meter or will be sent in voucher.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledges to help the needy (Photo: House of Commons/PA Wire)

Northern Irish families will receive a similar level of assistance but the payment method has not been confirmed.

Disability benefits will be paid from September.

The pensioner’s payment will be made at the same time as the winter fuel payment in November or December.

Mr. Sunak said the payments would be sent directly to people’s bank accounts.

Who will receive this payment?

You must apply (or start applying) for fixed income benefits by May 25 to receive the first installment of £650.

It is tax free and will not be limited to the maximum benefit limit.

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Those who have applied for disability benefits without any support will be paid disability payment by May 25.

Pensioners’ payments will go to those who receive winter fuel payments.



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