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Will Shakespeare Vote for Brexit?

Brexit shows its first practical oddity. The boundaries between England and the continent have suddenly become boundaries again. It hurts, but that’s the way when you don’t want to be a family anymore, just a neighbor. It is a different kind of pain from the practical and not from the soul.

Because the soul is English. And this means that a complaint from English travelers shows that it is curious for many. In their media, they are impressed by their treatment upon arrival in EU countries: “We are no longer allowed to stand in line for border control across the EU border, but all others from non-EU countries Have to wait together! ” : No more EU and then stand together with Krethi and Plethi. And he as an Englishman! Actually a curious complaint, but with a deep background. he is here:

There are foreigners living in england Foreigners, Or, late at the pub, Bloody alien. English people living abroad are not foreigners but ex-patrons, ie those who are outside the ancestral country. An Englishman cannot speak genetically, so to speak, one must be a foreigner. Wherever he is, a piece of England surrounds him. He is supernatural as a person.

There is some loud patriotism in the world. But there was hardly any patriotism that penetrated deeper into the gene than the English. There are some who have invented themselves exceptionBut hardly one exception Like English is extraordinary. It begins with the island location, still living on the memory of a world empire in which the sun never sets, and is currently and permanently nourished by the remnants of the world empire, English spoken throughout the world. Language.

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Language power

Today, the English language is probably the mainstay of explicit English confidence. Anyone who speaks this language is almost everywhere at home. To some extent English people like to remember Shakespeare as the king of literature. He is certainly one of the poet kings. But he is a king of world literature because he wrote in English and thus conquered the world posthumously. The power of the language is also evident in the fact that English pop managed to compete with the great American entertainment machine. America is also a consequence of the globalization of the English language, even though George Bernard Shaw stated that England and America have separated from a common language.

What would happen to the Beatles if they tried a German-speaking singing career while living in Hamburg? What would happen to the Scorpions if they presented their Wind des Vessels in German and presented as “Winds of Change”? What about Abba, will they deliver their catchy tunes in Swedish to the world? Australia, where the group had its biggest followers, would never have heard of them.

Even other world languages ​​such as Spanish and French cannot keep up despite all efforts. China is a world of its own, but communicates only in writing in “billion-dollar” language, which, when spoken, loses its unity.

However, many speakers of world-language English suffer from an upside-down regionalism. As they face their language around the world, they often lack the compulsion, urge, or even encouragement to linguistically engage in foreign cultures. It may be that having a world language as your mother tongue does not expand your view of the world, but describes it. And continuously reconfirming the same image at the same time. About people who don’t speak perfect english everywhere Foreigners Is reinforced.

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Scots are different

The English say goodbye to the family and move into the neighborhood for many reasons, but also. You will gradually get into the habit of a new relationship, which matches the state of the soul on the island, even if it hurts. Even most Brexit opponents in England are not connected to the European community with their souls, but for many practical reasons that speak in favor of old family relationships.

However, this does not apply to the northern neighbors of England. The Scots voted against Brexit not only for practical reasons. His emotional state is not that of English, that is why only England and English have been talked about in this lesson so far.

Scots patriotism is of a different kind. It is strong but broken. He remains largely away from the memory of demarcation with England and the valiantly fought battles against the British. Scotland’s attachment to the continent is in keeping with the Scottish state, an inevitable proximity to England and a longing for distance at the same time.

Anyone who calls a Scot an Englishman can long for distance. He will listen to the anger of Scotland in a language that is far from radio English because the language of a passover is that of a Hanoverian. Will this anger escalate so much that the Scots actually decide to flee Britain and dare to return to the promised EU.

Shakespeare, a Macbeth writer, was not even a Scot with a rolling R, but an Englishman and through. At best, the Scots can claim him as British, ie the fictional figure invented for the entire island population. From the time of Elizabeth first, the Bard saw the first travel companies that later became an empire as Witnesses. But he could not guess that his language would travel around the world one day.

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Would he have voted for Brexit? It was not needed. Many times the British had a good part of France. He had a say in parts of the continent and for a long time still claimed the French throne. Whereas there was a crazy, unflattering mess with German-speaking eastern neighbors.

The fact that life in England would one day be regulated by a city called Brussels, where people spoke a dialect that was somehow heard in the English language, would probably have been a joke of history. In other words: Shakespeare would not have joined the European Union in the first place. Hence it cannot be denied that Boris Johnson has acted solely in the spirit of William Shakespeare, which is proudly in the English tradition.


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