Will SNP win independence from electoral victory?

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Scotland independence referendum SNP Sturgeon

May 6 Was held Local election In The uk, During which it was also voted to renew Scottish Parliament. Scottish National Party (SNP) Secured a majority with 64 seats. Rest of the composition Parliament of Holyrode Parliament Out of a total of 129 seats, the Conservative Party sees 31 seats, the Labor Party with 22 seats, the Greens with 8 seats and the Liberdemocrats with 4 seats. this is Fourth consecutive win The SNP, which did not get an absolute majority by a single vote. The party – center-left, pro-independence and social democratic – is headed by First minister Nikola Sturgeon, Who said she wants to get a second Referendum By the central government forIndependence of scotland From United Kingdom. Sturgeon He has declared That there is no justification – from Boris Johnson or other politicians – to prevent a second referendum and that, in the Scottish Parliament, there is a majority in favor of independence. According to whoever opposes freedom First minister, Will go against the will of the Scottish people for democracy.

Therefore the issue of Scotland’s independence is not new. First referendum It’s back date 2014 And ended with a win No (At 55%). SNP was already the originator of Rural areas Yes and in favor of freedom, with its former leader Alexander Salmond (Resigned after losing referendum). Despite the number’s victory, Yes’s campaign saw many citizens join in and gain collective attention due to independence, much less in early 2014. The SNP showed itself during its campaign Inclusive and efficient, An undertaking to engage young people, including many artists – particularly with the promotion of the “Yistival” program – and immigrants.

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Yeast in scotland
Source: http://socialistreview.org.uk/394/scotland-inential-artists

In 2019 Scotland has begun to recount itself to independence, demonstrating how consent to the cause of freedom has been formed and established over time, and Sturgeon has also begun to propose the argument again, Encouraged by the bar Brexi: Scotland, for the most part, opposed Brexit during the 2016 elections. The consensus for independence grew with the onset of Brexit.
In the same year, Sturgeon wrote a The file Addressed to London and Boris Johnson in which he demanded Second referendum, Without receiving positive feedback from Johnson. The document has 39 pages and is titled Scotland’s right to choose (“Scotland’s right to choose“). Considering the right to democracy and the right of the Scottish people to make decisions for their own freedom, Sturgeon in the dossier argues that there is a Change of circumstances Compared to the first referendum and, therefore, the British Parliament needs to transfer its power to Holyrode.

It is difficult to predict the future, despite Sturgeon’s seemingly confident statements, with referendum elections making it appear that the situation is characterized by being split in half, but consensus has increased compared to the past.

Desire for freedom It is not tied to nationalism but to one Desire for self determination: Already in 2014, the SNP set itself the goal of resolving issues that were not addressed by the British Parliament. Among the most important issues were immigration and the European Union. in the subjectImmigration, The SNP continue to accuse the UK of using a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’, while Scotland needs a suitable migration policy. In addition, the party has a highly critical view of the immigration system developed by the Conservative Party, which according to the SNP will require a series of changes. With independence, Scotland could have full authority over such policies. About Relationship with the European Union, Scotland is still a supporter of the European Union and, as noted above, further resentment towards England has been established since 2016 due to Brexit.

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Scotland, March for Independence
Demonstration of separatists. Source: https://www.policymakermag.it/dal-mondo/scozia-indipendentisti-tornano-farsi-sentire/

First minister Strong trend Europeanist I Supports freedom With the country’s subsequent entry into the European Union from the United Kingdom. Sturgeon opposes the conservative London government. After taking over from Salmond, she managed to follow even more and despite having recently found herself at the center of one, she enjoys great authority Political scam: Salmond was charged with misleading information about harassment allegations (from which he was later acquitted).

Despite some difficulties and the risks of losing approval among the citizens, the SNP has managed to win the majority of seats once again and is likely to become. alliance With him green Party – Too In favor of freedom. The two parties, if united, can form a majority for independence within the parliament. While this relationship is still not certain and there are some doubts about it, there are some differences in their policies.

Want to support second referendum, in any case, represents one Risky step.
First, the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to act on such a decision on its own. according to this Scotland act, In college British Parliament It can decide on some aspects of the constitution – including the union between England and Scotland. The Westminster parliament is mostly made up of conservatives of Johnson’s party, who have openly declared that they are not in favor.

If separatists fail to make it through a second referendum, the SNP may lose its popularity. In case of victory, Financial and financial condition Scotland will be difficult. Already in 2014, it was reflected that independence would be costly and would have many negative effects besides benefits. Looking at Brexit, i Borders with England They will be more obvious: more complications will arise. In recent years, the SNP has been concerned with reducing unemployment and taxes for the poorest, but despite progressive policies, Scotland is already in economic difficulties. Issues and difficulties will be raised of which Sturgeon is also clearly aware (for example the hypothesis of a new currency, or the time required for the process to enter the European Union) and, for the moment, it seems to be waiting Wants to end epidemic.

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