William and Kate in the Pub: So Caught

Since becoming Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate have been immersed in royal engagements. Queen Elizabeth’s passing was, indeed, a very delicate moment for her family. But despite everything he did not let himself down and still takes some time to dedicate himself.

Actually, a fan has revealed that Rajkumar William and his wife cat He Allowed Himself a Totally Normal Moment Pub, He was not alone and from what the British media reported he was in the company of Maggie Saxton, the president of an association that deals with education for children.


What surprised the attendees was the presence of the couple inside a very typical English pub, which was located a few steps away from the palace of windsor, In fact, since this summer, the family has moved hereAdelaide CottagesWhich is located right near the estate and pub.

William and Kate’s “Normal” Day at the Pub

According to some experts, the last few weeks have been very tough for India Prince William and his wife Kate MiddletonBut have resolved to carvenormal moment“. For this he decided to meet with Ms. Saxton in a local municipality. Those who saw the scene refrained from spreading pictures of the incident, but I Mostly He suggests that this was not the first time at that place.


for the other side William And cat This is not the first time they have visited a pub that is very popular with the masses. So, in fact, the couple was seen enjoying a very traditional food Norfolk with her three children George, chalat And louis, Some witnesses, in fact, say that when they can take their kids to the pub for a family evening, but away from the spotlight. However, to keep a low profile, the Prince of Wales favors it. local people not far from their home,

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This time his three children were not present for the lunch as they were in school. There are many other moments in which the futures rulers They managed to enjoy a completely normal meal outside the house without being noticed by the photographers. last year, for example, during his travels Scotland he ordered a takeaway dinner He used to frequent a small restaurant when he was studying St Andrews, During the same journey they also stopped in a ice cream shopDeclaring to the holder that it is a “The Journey of Memory”.


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