Wool … of unimportant things


Definition and Solution: Wool … of unimportant things. Below you will find the answer to solve the crossword puzzle puzzle week and other games like codycross.

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Solution 7 characters: GOAT

About curiosity / meaning: the wool of unimportant matters …

Capra hircus (goat’s wool) and Feta. There is a popular saying that goat’s wool does not exist, because sheep are usually slaughtered. with the expressioncases By 16 (1975 words) – 23:06, 5 September 2021

Other definitions with Bring in; From; cases; Some; Necessary; Solanaceae from South America often with purple flowers; The Scottish archipelago that gives wool its name; D March. the famous Catalan seaside resort; They are the last in a book by Svyatlana Aleksievic; ethnic group of the mountains of Nepal; Urbi __, the formula of papal blessing latent; The Eid day of March in 44 BC; A cloth once used for scaffolding the sails of ships; challenges to respect issues; important issues; legal case + o = one element; Marco, journalistic expert on Vatican issues; unsightly and untidy residue; spend a little money, save; In politics…that lame girl can do little or nothing; uninvited soup; abbreviations for important people; One of its most important texts is the Sunna; important issues; important cardiac arteries; latest definitions

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