Wrestling for the Union’s candidacy for Chancellor: the decision on the K-question is apparently getting closer

Wrestling for the Union's candidacy for Chancellor: the decision on the K-question is apparently getting closer
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Who will be the union’s candidate for Chancellor? The K question between Armin Laschet (CDU) and Markus Söder (CSU) has not been resolved yet. The decision is clearly getting closer.

+++ 20.55 pm: In the dispute between the union parties over the candidature for Chancellor, a decision is clearly coming. CDU boss Armin Laskett and CSU President Marcus Sauder continued their deliberations, it was said to JP circles on Friday evening. The two rivals are in “good conversation” for candidacy. No results are expected for Friday.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has sharply criticized the ongoing power struggle in the union over his candidacy for chancellor. “As one of the 400,000 CDU members, the current debate fills me with a lot of anxiety and it makes me sad. This is detrimental to our country, as we are facing heavy decisions for the next few years, ”the former CDU president of the German press agency said on Friday. “We know from the past that in these times it was good for Germany to have a really strong union that was able to function. The Sangh was always able to act when the CDU and CSU treated each other with respect. “

CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has criticized the power struggle between Marcus Soder and Armin Laskett. Photo: Kay Nietfeld / DPA

© Kay Knietfeld / DPA

Union’s K-Question – Horrible Attack Söder: “Must not be patient”

Friday, April 16, 2021, update from 4:01 pm.: The K question continues to suspend CDU and CSU. It is still unclear who will win the candidacy race for Chancellor. The president of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schell (CDU) has now spoken after Junge Union first made an unconventional proposal. He stands behind Armin Lashet and attacks Marcus Sauder with clear words.

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It is unbearable to dismiss a vote by the CDU leadership after intense debate as a “back room”, which was loud on Friday (April 16, 2021), saw ARD Capital Studios with a statement with SOD. The BundesTag president immediately said, “I am for Mr. Laskett.” Marcus Sauder had seen opinion polls like “ARD-Deutschlandtrend” before Armin Laschet *. But public opinion polls alone cannot be decisive for decisions about a common candidate for Chancellor of the Union, so Shaleen and thus reacts to the demands of Sauder and other CSU politicians.

Marcus Sauder or Armin Laskett? Bundestag President criticizes CSU boss

Finally, the President of the BundesTag criticized Marcus Sauder. He accused the CSU boss of jeopardizing the unity of the Sangh by insisting on his candidacy for Chancellor. At the same time, Stelleau reminded him of his promise that he was standing behind Lesquet’s candidacy if CDU wanted to. On Monday, CDU leaders had decided in favor of Laskett, with Sauder simply not able to put that side, Wolfgang Scalable said.

During the 2019 European election campaign, they still sat together secretly. Meanwhile, Marcus is opposing each other over the question of Sauder and Armin Laskett. (Archive image)

© Guido Kirchner / DPA

Union questions – JU’s proposal: Sauder and Laskett for the conference

Update from 4.34 pm on Thursday, April 15, 2021. In a power struggle over the K-issue in the union, Tilman Kuban, president of the youth organization Junge Union (JU), made an unconventional proposal: to find a quick solution, the two rivals Armin Laschet and Markus Söder must “be the leaders of both parties. Go to a conference and come out only when they have agreed ”.

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The Conclave is actually the Assembly of Electoral Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church to elect a new pope. The Cardinals seal themselves completely from the public at the Sistine Chapel in Rome and only come out when they agree on a new pontiff. White smoke then rises as a sign of agreement.

The power struggle on the K issue in the union should be resolved by the end of the week

JU boss Kuban calls for a decision in the duel for the candidate for chancellor on Saturday. “Armin Laschet and Marcus Sauder must finally understand their responsibility for the union,” he told the “Billin” newspaper. “If self-tearing continues like the last few days, they will work together to ensure that CDU and CSU do not have much left in the future.”

First report Thursday, April 15, 2021, at 1:38 pm. Frankfurt / Berlin – Who will it be? The decision is getting closer and closer between NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet *, who has been the federal president of the CDU * since January, and Bayer Prime Minister Marcus Soder * (CSU *’s party president). A decision will soon be made as to who the candidate will be sent by the Union as Chancellor to possibly follow in the footsteps of Angela Merkel *.

K Question in CDU / CSU: Armin Laschet or Markus Söder – When will the decision be made?

Marcus Solder is said to have described the race as “completely open” at a CSU meeting in the state’s parliament on Wednesday (April 14, 2021), but CDU Secretary-General Paul Xiaamic is clearly behind Armin Leschet Stand, whom he considered to be the “right” candidate “to hold,” to become one and to bring together.

Armin Laskett (CDU) or Marcus Sauder (CSU): Who will be the union’s candidate for Chancellor? (Archive photo)

© Michael Kappeller / DPA

Laschet would be “the right chancellor for our country”. It is clear that the responsible people elected by grassroots representatives at the Presidium and at the CDU’s Federal Executive Committee have unanimously spoken in favor of Armin Laskett. Rarely have they experienced such solidarity in these meetings.

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K Question at CDU / CSU: Marcus Solder expects survey results

By the end of the week, Armin Laschet and Marcus Sauder want to present a joint solution, he explained. They both enjoy the support of their top boards. It is unclear when exactly the “question” should be decided. The CSU boss believes that it should take a few days to deal with such an important matter.

“Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” reports that Sauder wants to wait for the next elections on Thursday and Friday to go into negotiations with Laskett (he suspects it has been strengthened). Soder said there was no other time for a member survey of the two central parties, which CSU brought in to play on Monday.

Questions in the union
Armin Laskett CDU President Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia
Marcus sauder President of CSU Prime Minister of Bavaria

Marcus Sauder (CSU) or Armin Laschet (CDU): Who will be the Union candidate for Chancellor?

Over the weekend, Armin Leschet (CDU) and Marcus Sauder (CSU) announced their interest as vice-chancellors. While CDU stands for its president, a majority of Germans prefer Söder as a potential chancellor. The decision should be by mutual agreement. But former Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) talks of an “open field battle”. (With Luca Rogala, Dumpa, FP) *fr.de Have an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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