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Youth Parliament provides school with free memorial articles

Youth Parliament provides school with free memorial articles

Students fight stigma

Pads and tampons have been made available free of charge in Scotland since last year, which is needed. There was a tax adjustment in this country, but this does not change the fact that menstruating people have to dig deeper than others. After the youth of the Wesbaden Youth Parliament received no support from the city, they have now decided to equip a Wisbaden school with free tampons at their expense.

The city does not react – the youth take it into their own hands

In early February 2020, the Youth Parliament (JUPA) “Equal Rights” project group launched a similar proposal in the Committee for Women, Economy and Employment, which was also accepted. The aim was to provide free monthly sanitation in all public toilets. Unfortunately, nothing like this has happened yet. So the youth are now taking it into their own hands.

The Youth Parliament will soon start at the Wisbden Dillte School. Toilets in the future will have thoughtful boxes with free menstrual products. When asked by the Deputy Chairman of the Youth Parliament, Liah Kaiser, RTL, wrote: “As the Youth Parliament and the city’s School Student Council, we will be able to provide ourselves with financial resources in a short time. Also, we It demands that the City of Wiesbaden provide menstrual products in school toilets free of charge. Implemented and financed in all secondary schools in Wiesbaden. “

To promote against stigma and dealing with self-confidence

According to Laia Kaiser, providing hygiene products for free solves many problems at once. She gives us immense relief and prosperity in daily life. In addition, “free provision” contributes to destroying periods and can strengthen the confidence of young students, especially in dealing with menstruation. Last but not least, the project provides relief for students from low-income families and reduces excess menstruation from which people pay for their periods. have to.”

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The pilot project is to show how useful this offer can be in everyday life. Members of the Youth Parliament are hopeful that this will spur new political discourse so that Germany can also catch up with Scotland in the future.


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