Zingaretti’s Revenge on Franceschini, Cado’s Number and Caltagirone’s Friend: All the Maneuvers behind Gualtieri’s Junta in Rome

Zingaretti's Revenge on Franceschini, Cado's Number and Caltagirone's Friend: All the Maneuvers behind Gualtieri's Junta in Rome

Rome’s new mayor is a junta without a flick Roberto Gualtieri, which left a bad taste in the mouths of many voters. If You Can Fly High, You Don’t Prefer a Quiet Life and Accord with Everyone currents and the quarantines of the Democratic Party and beyond. And along all the lines of city center-left. However, there was no shortage of surprises. But some revenge has also taken place. Two weeks of fiery conversations with names that recorded and then went away, then returned and disappeared from view again. where he counted the capataz dale Roman PD, but also older citizens. Suffice it to say that of the 12 councilors (evenly divided into 6 men and 6 women) 4 were to be from the Democratic Party, but in the end the boxes occupied by the demo are only three and it is an outright revenge. Nicola Zingaretti towards dario franceschini, in the view of the former secretary, is guilty of not protecting him from attacks within the party, which led to his resignation as secretary. So in the end the Capitoline team has exactly three demo reps: sabrina alphonsi, former Mini Mayor of the Historic Center for Waste and Ecological Transition; eugenio bridge to take away; Maurizio Velocia for urban planning. very close to the mighty first Claudio Mancinisecond to paolo gentiloni And the third one for Zingaretti himself. The important thing was that Franceschini and his wife were left dry. Michaela Di Biase, a powerful regional councillor who also had an eye on the Capitol.

There is also a curious story when it comes to urban planning. name of the Giovanni Cado, former town planning councilor of the council ignazio marino, the creator of the future Rome list and the president of the City Hall, is shot for almost all boxes, except that he is an expert, because by profession he is an urban planner. So Cado decided to stay out and make room for Claudia Pratelli School.

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two entrances to Gualtieri List, on the other hand, they are an expression of a certain Roman world that lies between business and politics. alessandro onorato, former Red Building loyalist and former mayor candidate alfio marchinitravels and goes to major events, while monica lucarelli For productive activities and commerce. The director of the list, however, is entrepreneur and former senator Demo. Rafael RanucciMILF of a great friend caltagirone family, builders and owners of Messenger.

To Civic Left And Ecologist Instead it enters the suburbs Andrea Caterci, former president of the town hall garbatella and very close to the MEP massimiliano smeriglio. with the seal of Roberto Speranza I pierluigi barsani It seems that instead of appointing to the culture miguel gotorA historian by profession, with a passion for politics, he made a transition as a senator and is one of the founders of mdp-item 1. The former director of Radio Tray seemed destined for this box marino cinibaldi, but Gottor got it in the end. which is in principle part of the “technical quota” that Gualtieri kept for himself with the councilor for the budget. Sylvia Scozzi (formerly Council of Marino, now Councilor in the Court of Auditors), a Ornella Counters, director of the Ministry of Infrastructure who actually goes into public works and infrastructure, and wonders Tobia Zevic A heritage and housing policies. researcher and belonging to a well-known family of the Jewish community, in his course he can boast of a long association with paolo gentiloni, first in Farnesina and then in Palazzo Chigi, at the time when the current European Commissioner was Prime Minister from 2016 to 2018. Sant’Egidio. community ofFinally, class Barbara Funari, the Roman coordinator of the Demos list, for salami.

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In short, all the spirits of the Capitoline center-left are represented. But the sentiment, as confirmed by a well-known source, is that in the two weeks back and forth, Gualtieri “tried all of them please that in the future he might upset her or put a spoke in the wheel”. It would be better if you raise your hand, keep everyone cool and avoid problems. Don’t forget that the mayor’s spokesperson is luigi coldagelli, former press officer Walter Veltroni, so for the spokesperson andrea orlando and finally the head of the Rai Press Office at that time campo dell’orto. It was he who, in the summer, organized an evening in honor of Gualtieri in Capalbio, to introduce him to the society.


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