Zone Badge: Queen of folk and pacifist icon turns 80

Zone Badge: Queen of folk and pacifist icon turns 80

Cantante, painter, but above all Immortal voice of protest and protest Americana, Joan bays turns 80 today. Pacifist icon similarity, Woodstock nightingale For some time He dedicates himself less to music and more to painting. But the iconic power of his figure remains intact.

Very active, even politically, on his Instagram account, The singer will celebrate the milestone with her fans With the virtual opening, at these hours, Of his exhibition Prank 2. In which i introduce you Pictures of celebrities like Kamala Harris, Greta Thunberg And even virologists Anthony Fauci.

Zone badge

Ballads and Civil Rights. These are the corners on which the singer has built her mythology since the 60s.. The daughter of a physicist of Mexican origin and a Scottish woman, Little Joanne grows up on Staten Island, learning to play Yugule And at the age of 8 he is already killed by the folk path. At the age of twenty he is already the star of the Newport Folk Festival. His repertoire? NeNe Blues, traditional ballads And very sweet soprano voice.

In less time, Zone becomes a symbol of the struggle for civil rightsDoes for: Martin Luther King, marching against the Vietnam War and his own with his guitar we will succeed Becomes the official anthem of protests Students. Between a concert and a program, In 1961 he met a young and still unknown Bob Dylan. For which he loses his head.

Legendary love with Bob Dillon

«It sounded very messyJoanne will remember it years later. “Injured. We had wounds that complement each other. This is something you are not even aware of when it happens but, looking back, you choose someone who is caused by something that affects him. When the two singers fall in love, Joan is already there Regina del Lok While Dylan is just a newbie. To cement love at first sight: general political and social battles, love for music and two voices that cast magic on the same stage. The two would like classics together When the ship arrives And Dylan’s early compositions, Including great Blowin in the wind.

However, the relationship is not set to last: Tour around the world and Bob’s nature gradually weakens the relationship and In 1965, Minstrel download Without preface Job for Playboy Bunny, And future wife, Sara Loves. After ten years, both slowly Friends return, Heavyweights are also performing together in the tour Rolling thunder review Since 1975. The same year Joan dedicated him a Among his most beautiful songs, diamonds and Rust, Where he sings verses of poignant sadness such as: “Yes i loved you. And if you are offering me diamonds and rust, I have already paid. ‘

Bob Dylan and Joan Baze at the Time of Their Relationship

Relations with Italy

After the relationship with Dylan ends, Joan is reborn somehow and Between one battle and another, he also realizes his love for Italy. In their concerts, In the mid-60s, he started singing anti-war and pacifist songs from our house, such as A world of love I There was a guy like me who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones Of Giani Morundi.

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Then, in 1971, Ennio creates hits together with Morricone this one’s for you, Which accompanied Giuliano Montaldo in the film Sacco and Vanzetti. Over the years, Joan would also sing beautifully Marinella song Of Fabrizio de Andre I He will perform at several benefit concerts for Gino Strada and his emergency.

Zone today

«If you were to label me, the first person would be “human”, The second “pacifist” and only if I could be a third would it be “Loksinger” ». So Baez said long ago, though For a few years the singer has decided to hang the guitar. Last album, Wind whistle downIs from 2018. A farewell tour was also planned – but The epidemic emergency has blocked everything, although it pushed it to perform, Live from home though.

Painter established over the years, Joanne moved her battles from the stage to the social, where Joe Biden was a staunch supporter, The political struggle continues with his popular Instagram account. In which, between a mess and a watercolor, the singer fights all kinds of injustice.


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