ZZF Potsdam’s Hohenzollern debate on the politics of history for image

ZZF Potsdam's Hohenzollern debate on the politics of history for image

The Center for Contemporary History Potsdam (ZZF) is continuing its series of discussions on the Hohenzollern House on November 30th. The third part is a purely digital phenomenon with the title “History of Politicians as Hohenzollern”.

Potsdam historians and politicians in conversation

6.30 to 8 p.m.: Martin Kohlroch, Head of the Department of History at the University of Leuven in Belgium, Birte Forster from the Department of History at the University of Bielefeld, Elite expert Stephan Malinowski in Scotland with a teaching assignment at the University of Edinburgh, will discuss the Zoom platform. Erhard Grundl, member of the Bundestag for Bundes’90 / Die Grünen and Sophie Schönberger, professor of public law, art and cultural law at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. The evening will be hosted by ZZF Potsdam historian Winfried Souss.

In the third of a total of four panel discussions, experts examine how ruling houses such as the East German royal family were able to credence their dominant position to their environment even after their political disenfranchisement. In this context, the politics of history was an important instrument to mobilize supporters and legitimize their own positions.

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The discussion series is a collaboration of ZZF with the Prussian Palace and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg and the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

Those wishing to register can find the zoom link on the ZZF website: https://zzf-potsdam.de/

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