10 foreigners and no charges: Fan rebels against league plans

10 foreigners and no charges: Fan rebels against league plans

On the occasion of an extraordinary general meeting, the shareholders of the National League AG consist of the following persons Board of directors Elected: Rafael Berger (Friborg), Marcus Butler (SCRJ Lakers), Mark Gianola (Davos), Patrick Lengwiller (Zug), Mark Luthy (Bern), Nicole Mona (Ambri), Peter Muller (SCL Tigers), Laurent Strawson (Cervet) ). ), Daniel Villard (Beal), Sacha Weibel (Lausanne), Marco Vedder (Lugano), Peter Jenner (ZSC Lions). Matthias Berner, chairman of the Board of Directors of the National League AG, and CEO Dennis Voucher, now include 14 people.

Later Board of directors with Future of league Related, it says in a press release. As part of the strategic alignment of 2022, the content of the shareholders’ agreement was extensively debated and approved. A description of the subjects (the entry of new clubs into the league or the exclusion of existing clubs, regulations for foreigners, agents, rules for financial fair play) will now be jointly worked out over the next few months and recorded in future regulations. “

On the one hand, the shareholders’ agreement governs cooperation between clubs, and on the other hand, it sets out principles on the above subjects. «Intention is one Financial fairplay A moderate introduction Increase in number of foreigners The player To make (connected with) Eradication of “Like Swiss” status From the 2022/23 season), as well as respecting the agreement of the current gentlemen with agents by all clubs. “

In the 2021/22 season, the current foreign regulation (4 foreign players are eligible to play, a maximum of 8 licenses for foreign players) will remain unchanged. It was unanimously decided that this would be the end of the season 2021/22 Due to economic uncertainties (Kovid-19) No charge Will give from National League.

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In addition, a cooperation agreement will be negotiated with Swiss Ice Hockey in the near future, “which will regulate the mutual provision of services and the corresponding financial compensation.”


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