16. Zug and ZSC Lions on course for the rounds

 16.  Zug and ZSC Lions on course for the rounds

The ZSC Lions celebrate a crucial away win.Image: Keystone

The Zugs and the ZSC Lions are on their way to the last sixteen of the Champions Hockey League. Lugano, on the other hand, has to tremble.

The ZSC Lions did not win the 5th and final round with a 1–0 away win over Mlada Bolesaw. The only goal scored by Garrett Rowe was high when the Czechs benefited from a blackout in the build-up. For his shutout, goalkeeper Ludovic Weber blocked 24 shots.

The only goal scored by Garrett Rowe was high when the Czechs benefited from a blackout in the build-up. The ZSC Lions will also play their sixth and final game at home against Mlada Boleslav next Tuesday. With one win the Lions have definitely advanced to the round of 16.

Jug’s key win

Zug came to the extreme for a crucial away victory at previous leader RB Munich. It was not until the 52nd minute that Dario Simien finished 3:3, and 26 seconds before extra time, captain Jan Kovar also scored a full three points for the Central Switzerland team.

These are important as the Zuggars overtook the Germans and can now clear everything in a week’s home game against Munich. The second round of 16 place should not be taken by Rosalee.

Friborg-Goteron remains innocent

Friborg-Gottoron remains flawless in the Champions Hockey League. The 5th round saw the Freiburg team win for the fifth time, this time with a 5–2 victory in the top encounter against the previously unbeaten Leksand.

Sweden were still leading 2–0 after the first third, with Christian Dube’s team turning the tide in the power play thanks to hits from Chris DiDomenico, David Desharnis and Nathan Marchonne in the middle section.

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As the round of 16, Göteron and Lexand had already been determined before the game, French-speaking Switzerland now have the best chance of winning the group in the second leg next Tuesday.

Lugano in Reserve

HC Lugano fell badly in reserve after a clear 3:6 loss to Berlin in the Champions Hockey League. Ticino lost in Group E to Skelleftia in second place. If Sweden wins again in the final round against leader Tappara Tampere, who has already qualified for the round of 16, Lugano will also be eliminated next Wednesday if they win the second leg against Isberen Berlin.

The German champions had not won a game before and Luganesi also started through Alessio Bertgiae. After that, Chris McSorley’s team didn’t go on much together. Ticino trailed 1:4 in the middle of the game and did not return.



Mlada Boleslav – ZSC Lions 0:1 (0:0, 0:1, 0:0)
1311 spectators. – SR Pesina / Prak (CZE).
ripped out: 37. Row (Underpaid goal!) 0: 1.
to punish: 3 times 2 minutes against Mlada Boleslav, 6 times 2 minutes against ZSC Lions.

Leksand – Friborg-Goteron 2: 5 (2: 0, 0: 3, 0: 2)
4042 viewers. – SR Bajlakander / Sjoqvist (SWE)
ripped out: 6. Camper (Veroneau, Lundquist) 1: 0. 13. Sajlin (Ruohama, Klose) 2: 0. 22. Didomenico (Desharnais / Powerplatter) 2: 1. 31. (30:48) Desharnais (Boogro, Furr) 2: 2. 32. (31:07) Marchone (Dufner, Jaker) 2:3. 57. Gunderson (Motte) 2: 4. 59. Walser 2: 5 (Ins lere tor).
to punish: Your 1 time 2 min.

RB Munich – Train 3: 4 (0:1, 2:1, 1:2)
1780 spectators. – SR Rohtsch / Kohlmüller (GER)
ripped out: 1. (0:23) Lander (Djoos, Kreis) 0: 1. 29. Tiffles (Street, Seidenberg) 1: 1. 35 Park (Tiffles, Blum / Powerplatter) 2: 1. 38th Herzog (Kreis, Hansen) 2: 2. 45. Tiffles (Parks, Abeltshauser) 3: 2. 52. Simian (Hanson, Circle) 3: 3. 60. (59:34) Kovar (Martschini) 3:4.
to punish: 6 times 2 minutes against Munich, 4 times 2 minutes against Zug.

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Isberen Berlin – Lugano 6: 3 (2:1, 3:1, 1:1)
1418 spectators. – SR Schrader / Kopitz (GER).
ripped out: 7. Bertagia (Thurkoff, Stoffel) 0:1. 14. Description 1:1. 17. Boychuk (Zangerle) 2: 1. 25. Fodler 3:1. 28. Byron (Jensen, Nobles) 4:1. 34. Thurkoff (Powerplatter) 4: 2. 38. Byron (Muller / Powerplatter) 5: 2. 44. Veleux (Rosmi, Widmer) 6: 2. 57. Stoffel (Bertagia) 6: 3.
Punishment: 3 times 2 minutes against Polar Bear, 2 times 2 minutes against Lugano. (AD/SDA)

These clubs won the Champions Hockey League

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These clubs won the Champions Hockey League

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