2020 NHL Playoffs: Matthew Berzel, Sean Couturier Injury Updates

Inadvertently, Flyers head coach Ellen Vignault may have received an injury update on the cons with her own eyes on Tuesday night.

During the Flyers’ 3–3 overtime win in Game in that night, Islanders All-Star Center Matthew Barzel accidentally took a sticky but scary stick in the face of Claude Giroux, leaving the regulation pending. Barzel did not play the remaining amount of the third period or overtime.

On Thursday morning, ahead of Game 6 (7pm ET / NBCSN), Islanders head coach Barry Trots labeled Barzel as a game-time decision.

Following the game, Viejault ran into the hotel’s elevator to the coaches of Brussels and New York.

“I was with the four coaches from the Islands and Barzal,” Viziaount said with a laugh in a video interview on Wednesday. “There is life in these bubbles.

“I was happy to talk to him and talk to him, to see if there was anything serious. It could be a real bad accident, but fortunately he’s young right.”

Will Barzal play? Won’t he play? Is this a little sports? With the exception of the Islanders (and perhaps the Vija Noult), no one really knows, but what is certain is the challenge that Barzel offers to the flyers. Swift, who has 17 points (six goals, 11 assists) in 11 regular-season games against the Flyers, and the skilled 23-year-old center have four points (one goal, three assists) in five games in the center series.

For the Flyers, who lead the seven-seven second-round playoff series 3-2, Barzel’s position does not affect their preparation or game plan.

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“We hope that the young player, who looks like a very nice young man, that he was not serious at all,” said Vigilante 6. Thursday, “It is an unfortunate drama, an unfortunate accident. We are preparing, we are focused. In our team, on our group and what you need to do. Whatever the people of Iceland put on the ice, we know they will be good players and they will come to play, we need to focus on our group and what We need to. “

The group of flyers could be without its most important player in the Sean Couture. No one can (and will not) comment on Couture’s position in Viejault, Game 6. The Celk Trophy finalist was forced to leave 5 games late at the end of the second period and did not return after colliding with Barzel. It was revealed that Couturier would have knelt down with Barzel. For some reason, Couchurier’s chances of playing Game 6 don’t look promising, But you never know.

“As I’ve mentioned many times, talking about availability is against the NHL protocol,” VizAuant said Thursday. “What I would say, though, is that throughout our season and this time behind to play here, we have been the front man mentality and who is ready to play.

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“Throughout the season, I think the Flyers had the most interested players in the first game of the NHL and we keep playing right now. Before each game, we’ve got decisions for the lineups. Obviously not everyone is 100 percent at the moment this year. And we will do our best to put in the best lineup that we think we will have a chance to win tonight. “


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