2023 North American Indigenous Games in Nova Scotia

2023 North American Indigenous Games in Nova Scotia

The meeting was originally scheduled to take place in 2020, but has been postponed due to the pandemic. The Games were meant to bring together thousands of athletes from across the continent who would, among other things, take part in 3D archery and lacrosse competitions.

In July 2017, the game of lacrosse at the North American Indigenous Games in Hagerville, Ont.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Chris Young

It is a major event, the most important cultural and sporting event ever held in Kizipuktuk. [Halifax].

A quote from:Fiona Kirkpatrick-Parsons, President, Host Society for the 2023 Games

According to Fiona Kirkpatrick-Parsons, president of the 2023 Games Host Society, the announcement made two years ago allows for better preparation for the event, even if the organizing committee is already All ready, she notes. With the support of the provincial and federal governments, funding is assured.

The logo shows three figures crying in a canoe.

The 2020 North American Indigenous Games logo is styled by Mikamo artist Melissa Labrador.

Photo: Courtois / North American Indigenous Games 2020

Thousands of Athletes, Nine Days of Competition

More than 5,000 participants aged 13 to 19 are expected from 750 indigenous countries. Sixteen sporting events will be held at twenty venues in the Halifax Regional Municipality and Millbrook First Nation. The meeting will last for nine days.

Sports disciplines include athletics, baseball and basketball in addition to traditional tribal activities such as lacrosse and canoeing. Millbrook will host 3D archery, where the athletes’ targets are three-dimensional animals arranged in nature.

Fiona Kirkpatrick-Parsons explains that the 2023 Games will honor the survivors of the residential school and the children who died there. The goal of reaching these games is a celebration of youth and their future., she adds.

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Among indigenous peoples, culture and sport are closely linked, explains the president of the 2023 Games Host Society. Cultural aspects are an integral part of the game. There is always a function associated with everything we do.

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