5 points for Switzerland’s win against Germany

5 points for Switzerland's win against Germany

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Switzerland will face “fearful opponents” Germany in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. These are the keys to success in a duel with a northern neighbor.

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Adrian Burgler
Adrian Burgler

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Switzerland against Germany in games where everything is at stake. Bad memories wake up. In 2010, Switzerland entered the quarterfinals reliably, only to fail with 0:1 over hosts Germany.

The 2018 Olympic ice hockey tournament in Pyeongchang was also the end of the line against Germany. Patrick Fischer’s team suffered a 2–1 defeat in Round 16 after extra time. For some reason, ice hockey teams always have a tough time against their northern neighbors.

To make sure that doesn’t happen in the quarter-finals today (3:15 pm in the live ticker), there are five points that Switzerland should pay special attention to.

Do not allow counterattack

Germany has scored 22 goals in this World Cup so far. Half of them came after a counterattack and rapid advance on the opposing box. Along with Lukas Reichl, Marcel Noables, Tobias Ryder and John-Jason Pieterka, the DEB team has fast, goal-threatening strikers who can put pressure on defenders in possession of goals at the Blue Line and then immediately switch to attacking. can do.

Reichel puts pressure on the Norwegian defender and hits a counterattack.Video: Streamable

On the one hand, Switzerland benefits from the fact that it has intelligent defenders. Until now it was one of the great strengths of the national team that Diaz, Siegenthaler & Co. read the conditions of the game thoroughly and either stepped forward in time or went backwards so as not to overrun. In addition, Germany’s most dangerous striker of the tournament, Marcel Knoebels, was injured in the last group game against Latvia. His use against Switzerland is questionable.

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aggressive pre-screening

The game between Germany and Canada showed that the team is susceptible to aggressive pre-checks. Analysis of “5 Plus Playing Time” RevealsAgainst Canada, the Germans were little able to build up their game from behind in a controlled manner. The Canadians scored several targets in the offensive zone.

Apart from Moritz Cedar, the DEB team hardly has any strong defenders. The fourth Swiss line up especially with Tristan Shervey and Christoph Burtsky can create chaos with their aggressive style of play. On the other side of the ice rink, the game against Canada also showed that German pre-checks are significantly less effective against stronger opponents.

Three examples of how you can create chances against Germany by putting pressure on the defender leading the goal.Video: Streamable

movement in the offensive zone

However, the game against Canada also showed that the German is already the world champion in blocking shots. A willingness to make sacrifices and a good performance of goalkeeping enabled the victory against “Maple Leaves”. Subsequent defeats against Kazakhstan, Finland and the United States brought Germany back down to earth and showed where they were weak.

Especially in the power play against Germany it is necessary to differentiate the game.Video: Streamable

On their territory, the Germans prefer to retreat relatively compactly in front of the gate. So they block a lot of shots, but give the opponent plenty of room to make the game. Switzerland has to use this space, constantly moving into offensive territory and switching sides. This creates confusion for the defending players. And German goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger, who is 180 cm tall, is susceptible to high shots when moving after rapidly changing sides.

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Clear traffic in front of your own gate

If Germany does not finish with a quick counter-attack and can establish themselves in opposing territory, they immediately put at least one, sometimes two, players in front of the goalkeeper. The goal is clear: either to deflect the shot on goal or at least to overcome the approach of the opposing goalkeeper. To make Leonardo Genoni or Reto Bera’s job easier, the Swiss defenders would have to relentlessly chase down the German strikers in front of the goal.

Germany are two in front of the Norwegian goal and are scored by a lucky distractor.Video: Streamable

keep calm

We know from the past that games against Germany have always been a difficult affair for the Swiss national team. Nothing will be different in the quarter finals either. The Germans did not lose a game in this tournament by more than two goals, and the second goal they conceded came in the empty net in their 2–0 loss against the United States.

National coach Tony Soderholm’s team will hand checks, throw themselves into shots and take care of the main defense. Switzerland should not let this disturb its peace.

On paper, Patrick Fischer has the better team. The national team has everything it takes to beat Germany: goal-scoring strikers like Gregory Hoffmann or Timo Meier, brilliant preparers like Enzo Corvi or Nico Hisier, and players who can rip it apart like Tristan Scherwe or Christoph Burtsky.

If Swiss players play to their strengths, keep moving forward and focus on their running qualities, they will have opportunities and get punished. The national team has the best power play of the tournament so far and will be able to punish their opponents.

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The Swiss team is more mature than the bitter defeat against Germany at the 2010 World Cup or the 2018 Olympic Games. Games against Denmark and Great Britain have shown that players do not lose their temper when things are tight or everything does not go according to plan. With this attitude semi-final qualification is within reach.

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