80 percent of fans want to go to EM without Foda

80 percent of fans want to go to EM without Foda

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In the final course of the FB national team, there is a deep rift between the fans and the team’s boss. Franco Hey Drawn. Against Scotland Lost the edge twice against Faroe Islands Irregular and typical foda delay with handbrake. 90 min.et– Columnist and Foda specialist Jürgen Püchter concludes after an embarrassing 4–0 defeat against Denmark: “The successful record so far of the Foda era is basically based on wins against maximum average opponents and qualification for a European championship in which more teams are allowed to participate than ever before. Like this week against Denmark. “

The course’s analysis was titled “Missing Counter-Pressing, Suspicious Line-Up and Unrecognized Situation” – Explicit Decision: Although the current team manager’s point average is one of the best, this style of play does not match player content. Fb president Leo Windtner Although criticized, the native of Mainz was guaranteed a job for the euro. Anyone who knows Austrian nature knows that it chooses the word. It is simply unlikely that the OFB Presidium, with its federal structure, which is not very flexible in other areas, will actually decide a new coach before the European Championships. Football is no different from many other fields.

And of course experts and fans don’t always agree, but in the case of the “Foda Question” the situation is different: Foda and the national team don’t fit together. Of the more than 1,000 votes submitted for the question of whether Austria should go to the European Championships with Foda, 80 percent clicked “no”.

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