A French hope close to Leicester

A French hope close to Leicester

Former Parisian Oddson Edouard may soon leave Scotland and join Leicester. PSG will then receive a percentage on the transaction.

Odson edouard, The striker of France Aspire’s team may soon take a new step in his career. According to Daily mailPlayer of Celtic Glasgow He is expected to join the Premier League next summer. His future will be club Leicester, Currently sits third in the English Championship.

At Fox, the 23-year-old goalkeeper will join His old trainer In Scotland, Brendan Rodgers. Furthermore, it was Leicester’s current hiring manager Lee Congerton who drafted Edward for Celtic. To secure the services of the French, King Power Stadium residents will have to pay approx. 18 million euros. Thus, it should be remembered that PSG Will experience Future Sales Percentage His former player K. this 40% But only on capital gains on resale.

In Scotland, Ladies Were hoping to get a large amount for the registrant 83 goals in four seasons, But his contract expires in June 2022. The press reports that Celtic will try to include a percentage on a future Fox sale.

Brandon Rodgers watches Odson Edoard Long-term replacement for club star striker Jamie Verdi (37 years old). note thatArmory And this Roma Are also in discussion with the French.

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