A Museum for Gardening

A Museum for Gardening

ÜThere is much more to tell about the English lawn and rain at this point, starting with mowing and caring for the various ball games on the very famous green. But with all the love you don’t have to do like Tom Cruise, who as a spectator at Wimbledon is celebrated by fans himself – and thus distracted from the action on the tennis court. On the other hand, at Wembley Stadium, where the actor took part in the final of the European Championship in the evening, on the one hand there was more competition among celebrities of all branches, and on the other the seats were wider and, despite severe criticism, more dense. In addition, all attention was paid to the traditional “Mission Impossible” to win the European Championship once.

Sonia Kastilan

Responsible for the “Science” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

With home rain tragically failing what was finally possible in 2021 under coach Gareth Southgate, three missed penalties shattered the dream. The Azzurri won on the wet hybrid turf, and even Roberto Mancini had tears in his eyes – with joy or relief, while the English lions wept bitterly: “Football almost comes home, ticket to Rome “The Irish Times” was titled “The Irish Times” the day after. Anyone who wants to bring home the cup of silver is in a hurry to board the plane; those who give up instead may rest easy. instead of, and in such a case a visit to “St Mary-at-Lambeth” in London would be recommended.

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as a defense against total decay

Where in 1062 there was only a medieval wooden church, today a church building that has been rebuilt over the centuries, has a Victorian character and was hit by bombs, houses the “Garden Museum”. It was opened in 1977 to save the church from complete ruin and to preserve the tomb of the Tradescant family in the long disused cemetery next door: John Tradescant the Elder (1570?-1638) once earl of Salisbury, and later also for the French-born Henrietta-Marie de Bourbon: wife of Charles I, thus queen of England, Scotland and Ireland; His son John Tradescant the Younger (1608–1662) followed in his father’s footsteps to become a royal gardener and a world-traveling plant collector and botanist.

The lineage of three-masted flowers is in his honor tradescantia, and the museum is reminiscent of both works, but in a broader sense it is dedicated to British gardens – “celebrates the art, history and design of gardens” – and to horticulture. That doesn’t mean only rusty watering cans or hedge trimmers are to be admired: In addition to a collection, the home, which opened in 2018 after a complete modernization, further attracts with gardens and a café. performs, shows changing exhibitions and invites you to read or workshops under the Internet https://gardenmuseum.org.uk/.


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