A New Chance for Morgan Sanson?

A New Chance for Morgan Sanson?

Starting from Olympique de Marseille to join Aston Villa in the Premier League, Morgan Sansson hasn’t really managed to win and is vulnerable to injuries. French Midfielder Has Another Chance With New Coach!

Olympique de Marseille hasn’t really managed to sell these players for many years. One of the last significant sales to OM was Morgan Sanson for Aston Villa in England.

The midfielder signed a contract with the Premier League club but was plagued by injuries… So far, he has played only 10 games in his new colour. He should have a fresh chance to start his season with the villain, especially with the arrival of a new coach.

Gerard doesn’t see Aston Villa as a move

Indeed, in recent days the leaders of Aston Villa have announced the sudden arrival of Steven Gerrard. The former Liverpool legend has left Scotland and is starting his Premier League coaching career with the Birmingham club.

Barely arriving, the English coach was asked about the possibility of taking over the Liverpool coach’s position and whether he saw his arrival at Aston Villa as a stepping stone. Gerard did not hesitate to answer on this topic!

“It’s so unfair to describe (this post) as a move, you’ll never hear me talk about it like this.” Liverpool have a world class coach with Jurgen Klopp. If he decides to sign a lifetime contract, immediately, I will be very happy for him and for them.” steve gerard – Source: Press Conference (19/11/21)

Steve Gerrard’s New Measurements

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According to information gathered by The Telegraph, the former England international has started clarifying things on his players and food in particular. Indeed, Steven Gerrard has established a very specific regime for his employees.

The coach has banned sauces, and especially ketchup, which he considers very bad for the players. The new coach of the Birmingham club has also banned carbonated and sugary drinks.

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but that’s not all ! Hot chocolate and pudding have also been removed from the players’ diet… All these banned foods have been specifically removed from the Aston Villa canteen. If Morgan Sanson wants to play sometime, he knows what’s left for him…


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