A Scottish MP is calling for an investigation into Trump’s golf funding

Donald Trump joue au golf en Virginie le 7 novembre 2020.

The Scottish Ecologist MP called on the local government on Friday (13 November) to begin a process to determine the fate of outgoing US President Donald Trump, who owns two golf courses in Scotland and the legitimacy of his business in the British . Province.

Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvie calls on Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to take so-called caretaker initiativeUnexplained money orderWhich forces the targeted person to reveal sources of obscure funds.

The MP is targeting Donald Trump’s purchase of golf courses in the Aberdeen area (north-east) and counties of Ayrshire. Before the parliament on Thursday, he “Long-standing concern about Trump’s activities“, In a special way”Buying and selling models … money laundering” according to him.

«The Scottish Government has the opportunity to take legal action” For “Start getting answers“Did he announce”Now that Trump will lose his immunity from prosecution in the United States, he can finally be held to account here»

Joined on Friday, Trump International Scotland did not immediately respond. The process in question, dubbed “McMafia LawIn 2017 it was introduced to combat money laundering.

Donald Trump bought 567 hectares of land in Aberdeenshire in 2006, promising to build “Best golf course in the world»And creation of 6,000 jobs. His mother was from the Isle of Lewis, off the west coast of Scotland. He bought Turnberry Golf Course in 2014 and also has a course in Ireland.

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