A team on a leash [Momentum am Montag]

A team on a leash [Momentum am Montag]

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In the game against the Faroe Islands, Franco shouts for Foda Andreas In reverseThat it should not push or shove too much – a symptom of football and ours. Speed ​​on monday.

A2: 2 inches Scotland With an overhead kick compensation five minutes before the end, you can somehow brighten yourself up. First 30 minutes against Faroe Islands And the last 45 is not really there anymore. a David AlabasOne who was running around and opening the hacking trick as if it was 5-0, precarious pass, lack of concentration. Inselkicker pressed Austria partly high and did not undesirably take the lead – regardless of whether it was a dishonesty or not. The referee gave the goal, so there was no difference. Apart from sleeping car strategy Fb-Elf-width elf was also notable for how the goals were: high-paying, partially Champions League, kicker by a standard, followed by a high ball from the midfield and a counterattack. As a reminder: The Faroe Islands drew against Moldova, the latter being separated by the Danish B-Elf with 8: 0 in all individual pieces.

Taken on a leash

To expect that there will be more room on Wednesday against the stronger Dane that you can push as an outsider is really a joke of the players. A look at the employers and resumes of home football players from Alaba to Sabitzer is enough. A symptomatic view of the second half of the game against the Faroe Islands: Salzburg Veteran Andreas In reverse Attacked after losing the ball, Foda told him not to do so (see video Gerald Gossman further down). It becomes almost boring to emphasize that most players play active football at their top clubs, but Foda has determined the department head football to pay attention to harmlessness. At a certain level, the same thing applies to home games against the Faroe Islands as in the away game against the Scots: the result somehow fits, but mandatory wins are basically mandatory wins. If you manage to win a home win (counter?) Against Denmark, you are considered. but not anymore.

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It’s not electrifying

“We have a lot of quality teams,” Foda said after the game after Wednesday’s duel. The question is what do they mean by this. Defensive standards are not currently part of it, such as having the personal and tactical skills practiced at the club in the national team in the foreground as well. You knew when Foda was hired by the FB, and he has proved it over the years. But it doesn’t help: It should be reiterated again and again that these players must actually show a lot more than the team’s boss that allows them on the field. In such a situation, you can be happy that no one needs to see this kick at the stadium at this time. Because if you are actively watching the ball running against Hartburg at St. Polten’s, then you won’t be bowing out your bowling by a national team that likes to manage a one-goal lead or who only out of 90 Plays properly for 15 minutes.

As a reminder: Starting Sunday evening, eleven kickers have played or won Europa League Round of 14 (Schlager, Tronor), Europa League (Dragovich, Grillitz, Baumgartner), Champions League (Ulmer, Lanner, Sabitzer) (Alaba).

It would be nice if you could watch it for more than 90 minutes in the field. One only has to release Alaba & Co. from the lease and free them from tight fodder corsets.


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