Acadia Wins Series Fever

Acadia Wins Series Fever

Alain Caillouette’s mask, hat, and camping chair don’t lie: She’s definitely a Montreal Canadiens fan.

At the Ocean View campsite in Grand-Barachois, it clearly displays its colors. If You’re Not Canadian, You Don’t Fit On campground Here!, He laughs.

Alain Caillouette clearly displays her colors.

Photo: Radio-Canada

I started watching hockey at the age of 8 with my grandfather, who was a fan of the Canadiens!

A quote from:Alain Callouet

We see it every night in the trailer, he explains. We were very happy when they won against Toronto. But, with COVID-19, you can’t have too many parties.

Ain’t no team other than the Canadiens, says another tourist, Evelyn Paquin. The whole family, all the children, all the grandchildren are still Canadian!

A poster of the Montreal Canadiens displayed in front of a trailer.

The Canadian-Jets proudly waved the tricolor flag before the third game of the series.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Despite COVID-19, some campers find a way out to watch some games with their neighbors by staying at a distance.

We sit around the campfire. We still follow COVID standards, says Luke Faubert. The gentlemen behind us are generous. he turns out his tv flat screen on his patio, then we hear sport.

Luke Faubert in an interview with a journalist.

Luke Foubert is a big fan of the Ottawa Senators, but his team did not advance to the playoffs.

Photo: Radio-Canada

On the campsite’s website, he says that rivalry between supporters of different teams is part of everyday life.

Big fans of the Toronto Maple Leaf and Boston Bruins. At the moment, as the Canadian is still in the game, we have a bit of a rivalry. Who will go till the end?

Last year, fans of all teams were able to watch the finals with masks and physical distancing on a giant screen in the campground.

Alain Callouet hopes to be able to do it again this year, especially if the Montreal-Boston final were to take place.

It would be really cool to see them travel, jump, have fun, encourage each other, see who will win the Stanley Cup!

With information from Frederic Camarano


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