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The Scottish team performs its “National Anthem”. © Focus Images/imago-images

It’s part of the game: the national anthem. In the case of Scotland, however, it is not an official song that is used before the Games.

Glasgow – National Anthem: This is a welcome guest, especially at sporting events. Before football matches, it often gives you goosebumps – both for the players and fans in the stadium and for the spectators on the TV set.

In some countries, it seems that the national anthem has more importance than anywhere else in the world. And it’s certainly the same on the island. Anyway, the British and Irish are considered music lovers. They especially love to sing in stadiums, and that’s where the first fan chant came from. In the case of Scotland The national anthem has a completely different scope. Because this song is not actually the official anthem of the country.

The official national anthem of Scotland is actually “God Save the Queen”.

In form of? It is relatively easy to explain: Scotland is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There, the anthem for all citizens is “God Save the Queen” – the song that the English national football team, for example, sings before their game.

However, it is now common for other British countries, such as Scotland, to sing their own song at celebratory occasions. And that’s why the Scottish “hymn” is a bit more modern and melodic. Because the song comes from a 1960s Scottish folk band called “The Corys”.

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The song was later discovered by rugby fans and has since been used repeatedly as a “substitute anthem” to give the team more freedom. After all, that was the wish of the players. Since 1997, football players have been singing their own anthem. Anyone who knows Scots proud knows that they love their country – and have always fought for it. The lyrics to the unofficial Scottish national anthem “Flower of Scotland” are about:

National Anthem of Scotland – Lyrics of “Flower of Scotland”

o flowers of scotland
when will we see
your choice again,
For which fought and died,
Your wee bit Hill and Glen,
and stood against him,
Proud Edward’s army,
and sent him home,
Tai think again.

Those days are over now,
and in the past
they should stay
But we can still rise,
To become a nation again,
who stood against him,
Proud Edward’s army,
and sent him home,
Tai think again.

In German:

O flower of Scotland,
when will we be back
look like you,
who fought and died,
For your little hills and valleys;
and disregard
Proud Edward’s army,
and sent him home
so that he may think about it.

those days are over
and past
do they have to stay
and yet we can rise
to become that nation again
who disobeyed
Proud Edward’s army,
and sent him home
so that he may think about it.

Scotland’s national anthem: “Flower of Scotland” often interpreted by well-known artists

Earlier only the first stanza of the song was played, now it is the first and third. The song is about young Scots, the “country flower”, who sets out to defend his country against the English king Edward. The song is often performed by famous national artists at football matches, usually in Glasgow, the football capital of Scotland. One of the most popular versions is that of singer Amy Macdonald, which has now been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

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In addition to “Flowers of Scotland”, which is sung in most cases, there are two other unofficial national anthems: “Scotland is the Brave” and “Scotland is What”. (ACL)


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