Adelaide Test Boost with Lockdown | Canberra Times

  Adelaide Test Boost with Lockdown |  Canberra Times

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The prospect of Adelaide’s first Test against India has been boosted by South Australia’s preparations to end the lockdown. Next month’s day-night test saw some crises following South Australia’s covid cluster, while the state’s chief medico admitted this week that there was no guarantee they could host. This led to some myths that either Sydney or Melbourne could get a foothold if needed, perhaps even with a pink ball fixture. But the news of easing the ban from Saturday to Friday, the end of December 17, will go a long way in allaying those concerns. Cricket Australia is committed to an early summer Test at the Adelaide Oval, and it has not backed down from plans. The opening of the Victoria border, which was initially closed for just two days on Thursday, will also be crucial for that. Adelaide is considered the best cricket wicket in the country, while its surface is also considered the best for the pink ball. South Australia, meanwhile, are Australia’s only Test player to insist that his dash outside Adelaide will not hurt his preparations, with the convenience of being as important as a cover drive this summer. Travis Head stepped into the north bank of the NSW on Tuesday, along with the entire Adelaide Strikers squad and other Adelaide-based Big Bass players. Before the first Test before Australia will continue its preparations in Coffs Harbor to go to Sydney in a series of matches. “You have to be adaptable, that’s the main focus in the summer,” Hayde said. “We were on the golf course three days ago and now we’re in Coffs.” We’ve already come out of a bubble so we’ve experienced it. “Adelaide is not the only contingency group. Summer. Amid fears of an outbreak in southwest Sydney, the NSW was forced to move to the Sheffield Shield bubble in Adelaide early last month. Australia last month. ODI and Twenty20 players and staff from Western Australia Australia, Tasmania and Queensland who were in Adelaide for the Shield Bubble also had to travel to Sydney earlier this week to avoid different periods. South Australia would have been in Australia’s difficult six-day lockdown if they had been at home, “Head said.” There were mixed feelings, we didn’t realize it was a lockdown, “Head said. Outside … they climbed to the front legs and pulled us out beautifully. “We’re very lucky to be training here. It’s something we won’t be able to lockdown.” Head scored two centuries in the first two rounds of the Shield and is the third leading runner-up in the competition with an average of 655 at 455. Australian Australian Associated Press

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