Advanced B Score X Score: Cubs 4, Cardinals 1 – September 4, 2020

Advanced B Score X Score: Cubs 4, Cardinals 1 - September 4, 2020

Kicking this five-game series with a win is huge. It’s not like you’re thinking exactly that way, but even now if the Chicks lose the next four games, they could be a half-game ahead of the Cardinals. It gives me a little extra rest this Friday night.

Mostly, though, I’m just thinking about how dominant U Darwish was for a seven-inning performance:

This guy is a CI Young leader for a reason – he has all his plaques working, and he’s got 11 out of 11. If he doesn’t make a big mistake, the Heaters have no chance.

Offensively, Wilson Contreras made his way to the Cubs, which looked great after weeks of struggle.

The Cubes Bates made Jack Flaherty work out of gay-go, in which Kyle Schwarber’s seven-pitch strikeout set the tone for the innings as Flaherty was injured after throwing 43 pitches. He didn’t make it through those three innings. While the Cardinals are trying to get through the five-game series, including the doubleheader tomorrow, that’s not good.

So good, so, on the Cubs bat, with special points for Jason Hayward and Wilson Contares, who are first and third below Flaherty in each field, with two outs each and each reaching base. Contreras’ two batsmen finished in RBI singles.

Contreras also went right after the game, to give the cub his fourth run, courtesy of him:

Speaking of Darvish, the only one he allowed by seven dominant innings was an almost regular fly ball that caught the wind in the middle of the right and then caught the basket. He was the first and only Bazner to allow after five full innings:

Complete score.

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