After the storm of Arwen, frost wave threatens Britain

After the storm of Arwen, frost wave threatens Britain

(London) The United Kingdom was preparing to go through a wave of “Arctic” frost overnight on Sunday, a day after a powerful storm that killed three people and left thousands out of power in Scotland.

Forecasters at Britain’s meteorological agency, the Met Office, have warned that night temperatures could drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country as an “Arctic explosion” is taking place. ‘Scotland to the south.’

Even London could see the mercury dip below zero, warned analysts, who issued a “cold” alert for the entire weekend, urging the public to take precautions against frost.

But the country is still struggling to make a full recovery from the storm arwenThree people died, each of whom were killed by falling trees, on Friday and Saturday as they were speeding at about 160 km/h, and brought several trains and trucks to a standstill.

arwen It has since weakened in the UK, and migrated to mainland Europe. But due to the heavy snowfall that followed, the football match between two Premier League clubs Burnley and Tottenham Hotspur was canceled on Sunday.

In Scotland, about 45,000 people are still without electricity, said the Scottish Southern and Electricity Network (SSEN) company, which recorded more than 100,000 cuts during the night from Friday to Saturday.

According to Mark Ruff, Director of Operations at SSEN, the damage caused by strong windsarwen This is three times more than the severe cold that hit the country in February 2018.

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“Our teams are responding to some of the most severe and difficult situations these regions have known for decades,” he said, warning that many customers will not see their electricity restored “for several days.”


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