Alberto Mancini in the guise of Braveheart, Scotland behind Italy against England

Roberto Mancini à la place de Mel Gibson dans le film Braveheart.

Le Scan Sport – “You are our last hope”: Daily The National, favoring Scottish independence, put it on Italy to save the entire nation’s honor in the Euro final on Sunday.

Italy will be encouraged by 1000 Transalpine supporters at Wembley on Sunday evening in the Euro final against England, thanks to a breach of a deal with British officials. But Squadra Azurra will be able to count, in addition to remote support from Scotland. Unsurprisingly, the neighbor with Thistle, who passed the Three Lions selection in the group stage (0–0), stood behind Marco Verratti and his teammates to make the English shower at home.

Total Support illustrated by the original daily cover nationalKnown for his commitment to Scottish independence. We see Alberto Mancini in the skin of William Wallace, the Scottish national hero who fought England in the 14th century and who was brilliantly played by Mel Gibson in the film Braveheart (1995), a production that spanned five years. Oscar was won. Here are some words with the gathering that say a lot about waiting in Scotland: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope.»

A historic rivalry between England and Scotland

As on football fields outside, the Scots and the English maintain a historic rivalry, intensified this year as the two selections have not faced each other in the final leg of an international competition since 1996 (Euro). . The reunification at Wembley between these two strongly opposing nations gave rise to calls for peace from both federations. “Football is about celebrating pride and passion, not shouting insults or discrimination.“, the English Football Federation explained in a statement. Since their first encounter on 30 November 1972 and a goalless draw in Glasgow, the two countries have met 114 times on the pitch with an advantage for England: 41 against 48 win.

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