All 24 EM Teams in the Big Postillon Check

All 24 EM Teams in the Big Postillon Check

Hurray! The men’s soccer championship begins today with a delay of just over a year. Which of the 24 teams will clinch the coveted title? We researched and carefully examined each team. Here’s everything you need to know about each team’s strengths and weaknesses:


Top Player: Kevin De Bruyne

Preferred game system: Win

Strengths: Speak three languages

Weaknesses: French Fries

Occasion: Go-Home Favorite


Top Player: Harald Blouzhaney

Favorite game system: PlayStation

Strength: are pithy

Weaknesses: The goalkeeper is a Lego man

Chances: Quarterfinals If They Don’t Work Well


Top Player: Leroy Sane

Preferred playing system: the exact opposite of the demand for always 82 million national coaches

Strength: Eat Nutella every morning

Weaknesses: Sometimes no one sings along

Chance: Semi-Final against Italy/Spain


Topspiller: Benedict Cumberbatch

Preferred game system: Monarchy

Strengths: Quidditch

Weaknesses: Football

Chance: Embarrassing end in group stage


Topspiller: Ikkomukisvatjohani vartelskavati

Preferred game system: Falling Spruce

Strengths: Reliable, helpful, good listener

Weaknesses: Wanting to please others too much

Probability: Sixty-fourth final


Top Player: Rafael Varane

Preferred game system: 69

Strengths: Pantomime

Weaknesses: Opponents can bypass their defense through Belgium

Chance: Final


Top Player: Andrea Bosselik

Preferred game system: Roman-Greek

Strengths: Complaint

Weaknesses: Falls Down Quickly

Probability: semi-final semi


Top Player: Crvkrzč Vrjcrzčič

Preferred game system: 6 out of 49

Strength: Good physical condition

Weaknesses: Poor chemical composition

Probability: semi-final semi


Top Player: Memphis Depay

Bevorzugtes Spielsystem: Three-five-two

Strengths: Excited because they have finally qualified again

Weaknesses: Haven’t been to any major tournament in a long time

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Chance: Third in the preliminary round

North Macedonia

Top Player: Alexander the Great

Preferred game system: Phalanx

Strength: Know no fear

Weaknesses: Know the Fear

Chance: Quarterfinals


Top Player: Andreas Gabilier

Preferred game system: Liner Torte

Strengths: Has played football before

Drawbacks: They were not good

Chances: Could be better


Top player: Robert Lewandowski

Preferred playing method: Ball forward to Robert Lewandowski

Strengths: Can work well together

Weaknesses: There’s No Plan B If Opponents Don’t Want To Work Together

Occasion: Levi moves to Real Madrid


Top Player: Pepepe

Preferred Playing System: 4-3 + 1-8

Strengths: Good knowledge of Portuguese, European Champion

Weaknesses: The center forward wants to score all the goals himself

Occasion: European Champion from the Heart of Ronaldo


Top Player: Gerhard Schröder

Preferred game system: Novichok

Strength: Has good knees

Weaknesses: Democracy De

Chance: Round of 16


Top Player: Mac McMick

Preferred Playing System: Rugby

Strength: No opponent can understand them

Weaknesses: Everyone can see the bottom of their skirt while straddling

Occasion: Freedom!


Top player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Favorite game system: Ikea

Strength: Ibrahimovic is the god of football

Weaknesses: Ibrahimovic is not

Occasion: With Women


Topspeller: Xherdan Shaqiri

Favorite game system: Secret

Strength: Neutrality

Weaknesses: Jerseys tear easily

Chance: Round of 16


Top player: Stanislav Lobotka

Preferred Game System: 17+4

Strength: Made of hardwood

Weaknesses: Susceptible to beavers, woodworms, termites, fire

Chance: Quarterfinals


Topspiller: Diego Juan Pablo Ricardo Miguel Montoya from Santissima Trinidad Gonzales IV.

Bevorzugtes Spielsystem: Tiki-Taka-Tiki-Tiki-Taka-Taka-Tiki-Taka-Tiki-Bowlerlust

Strength: Pinned

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Weaknesses: Stare

Chance: World Champion

Republica Checa

Top player: Bronco Kulikus

Preferred game system: Kick the round to the square

Strengths: Beautiful National Anthem

Weaknesses: Quadruple passes

Chance: Winner


Top player: Mesut zil

Preferred game system: Brush your teeth 3 times a day

Strength: Thanks to the studs on the soles of the shoes, they don’t slip

Weaknesses: Weak

Possibility: Final


Top player: Vladimir Klitschko

Preferred game system: Everyone tries what they can

Strength: Entire NATO is behind them

Weaknesses: part of the team is claimed by Russia

Chance: Round of 16


Top Player: Peter Gulacci

Preferred game system: Goulash

Strength: goulash

Weaknesses: Goulash sometimes burns

Occasion: Goulash


Top Player: Gareth Bale

Preferred playing method: Ball to Gareth Bale

Strength: Sometimes Strong

Weaknesses: Sometimes Weak

Chance: Possibly a goal by Gareth Bale

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