Alvin Camara Agreement: Here’s why Saints RB can demand at least 15M per year on new deals

Alvin Camara Agreement: Here's why Saints RB can demand at least 15M per year on new deals

This Saints of New Orleans One of their top offensive weapons went missing this week, thanks to the absence of an undisclosed training camp by Star running back Alvin Camara. While The NFL network is suggested Kamara is injured, Others have reported P practices Lack of participation in the individual’s continuous practices is contract related. The three-time pro bowler is entering the final year of his rookie contract and figures close to the top of New Reliance’s list when it comes to exciting future extensions.

What do the room saints demand on the new deal? Is running back really an advantage in a holdout? Is New Reliance able to pay the room ahead of the uncertain 2021 pay cap?

Let’s dive in and you get some answers.

Does Kamara have an advantage in a holdout?

Not really, at least in terms of seeking deals before the 2020 season. Except for the highly unlikely public feud, in which Kamara follows in the footsteps of like-minded people Jamal Adams And Yannick Nagaku to demand trade, the saints can stand on their stomachs, pay RB Its 37 2.37 million This year, and then before 2021 the agency charges things.

Why Because if the room is postponed for an extended period, including parts of the 2020 season, the new CB assumes that it will be forced to hand over an accrued season to a free agency. In essence, he would have become a prohibited free agent (and under the control of the saints) in 2021. This is the plight Minnesota Vikings RB Darwin Cook Found himself in this se fis ason nama; Cook and the Vikings both want a long-term deal, but they both know time is on the team’s side.

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Can even the saints give a large sum to Kamara?

Yes. NFL With huge economic losses in the offing and, therefore, the 2021 declining pay cut amid the COVID-19 epidemic, teams will be tightening up on post-2020 spaces. This is especially true of the Saints, who are estimated to be in most teams. Affected by the cap cut down but the reality is that the extension can work if they want.

It may take some cap-saving cuts in 2021, but the candidates for that are: WR Emanuel Sanders ($ 6M savings), c Nick Easton (6M), dt Malcolm Brown (M 5M) and the Saints have a history of back-loading big deals. If Kansas City Chiefs, Considered against the cap this year, can give Patrick Mahoms 10 years, 3 503M extension and Chris Jones Four years, $ 80m own deal, then Saints can find a way to lock the room for the long haul.

What will the room order on the new deal?

Only he and his representation can decide where to put their flag in the negotiations, but the room has a valid argument Should Command At least 15 million per season On extension.

First, we outline the inevitable objections:

  1. But no one wants to pay so much for running backs!
  2. But not even “full-time” running back to the room!
  3. Also Latavius ​​Murray It’s replaceable!
  4. But he is injured!

And now let’s solve each of them:

  1. Tell that to Tennessee – they gave Derrick Henry, Traditional bruises with more wear and tear on the ground, four years, off 50 million this off-fee ason deals; Or Carolina, which resets the entire market by giving Christian McFrey Year 16M per year.
  2. Chamber The pitch may be on the count, Limited to 60-70 percent of insulting images of saints, but that means it is one.) Less wear and tear on a broken condition at a faster rate; And b.) More efficient and productive than almost every other RB.
  3. You mean Murray who will be 31 years old in January and has got more than 40 catches just once in his six year career? Yes, the reserve played very well in 2019, but there is a reason why it was allowed to go to No. 2 duties by three different teams.
  4. Kamara has missed three games in three years. Cook, who is determined to get better than M 10M per year on his next deal, has missed 19 games in the same time frame. That label may be too high.
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The true part on the cake is the numbers, which show that Kamra – whether on a “limited” touch or not – is easily the top play-maker on their position, if not the full spectrum of the offensive position. Everyone knows that Kamara is an A-L-Pro genius, but the raw product shows that he is close to McCaffrey’s money.

Here’s a look at Kamara’s total output, plus, all RBs earning more than M 10M per year since 2017:

Christian McFrey

Held at 5,443


5.9 48 M 16 m

Ezekiel Elliott

Is 5,030


5.0 41 M 15 m

Alvin Camara

Held at 4,476


.1..1 45 64 964K
The same Mix Mixon Held at 3,801 21 7.7 44 M 12 m

Derrick Henry

Held at 3,784


5.1 47 .5 12.5 m

Le Von Bell

Held at 3,196


4.5 30 .1 13.1 m

Of David Johnson

Held at 2,191


8.8 30 M 13 m

Even as a “peach-count” RB, how in the world could you not compensate, let alone, that effect? In very few instances, Kamara is getting almost, if not, almost as much on the ground; As both runner and receiver, not as much, almost more scoring; And to eclipse it all in a total yard per touch.

The Saints don’t like the idea of ​​rewarding “running backs” with 15 15 million per season, or more traditional workaholics like Illiott who met in Dallas, but they can’t go to the room negotiations that way. Like a lot San Francisco 49ers Such an idea was forced to compromise George Kettle (15M per year) is as tight a receiver as a wide receiver, New Reliance has no choice but to see Kamara’s multifaceted role – and Three straight years From more than 80 receptions – as the center of contract negotiations.

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It doesn’t happen before the 2020 season and it doesn’t happen until the 2021 franchise tags, or some sort. But if the saints want Kamra to be around him rather than auction him off and want to take his contract Brandin Cooks In 2017, it would be surprising if the final result did not look like a four-year, 60 million contract.


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