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A senior US official visited Western Sahara

US Deputy East and North Africa Deputy Foreign Secretary David Schenker visited Western Sahara on Saturday, a month after the United States recognized Morocco’s sovereignty in the East. Spanish colony. David Schenker, the assistant US Secretary of State for the Near East and North Africa, visited separatists on the territory disputed by the Western Sahara, Morocco, and the Polisario Front on Saturday 9 January. A “historical” visit according to the US Embassy in Morocco. The visit, the first by a senior US official, followed the United States’ recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the former Spanish colony, the United Nations position in reverse. “The highest US diplomats for North Africa and the Middle East are making a historic trip to Western Lahara today”, the US embassy, ​​the regional capital of Western Sahara, said on its Twitter account. Construction of an American consulate in Dakhla. The United Nations-led political dialogue on the state of this desert region north of Mauritania has been stalled for decades. Morocco, which controls about two-thirds of it, needs autonomy. Control “. Polisario, supported by neighboring Algeria, benefits for independence and calls for a self-determination referendum planned by the United Nations. David Schenker’s visit is part of the agreement signed on December 22. Americans, Israelis and Morocco, Morocco And linking the normalization of diplomatic relations between the Hebrew state with American recognition of Rabat’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara, making Morocco the fourth country to normalize its relations with Israel in 2020, after the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan . The agreement specifically provides for the opening of an American consulate in Dakhla, a fishing port located in the south of Western Sahara. David Schenker is scheduled to visit the complex on Sunday. According to diplomatic sources in Rabat, Morocco’s foreign US representation after a meeting in Dakhla with the Minister of Affairs, Nasir Borita. What about Joe Biden’s position? Upon his arrival in Laoyeon? Officially Moroccan agency Western Regional Sahara according to MAP , After a field trip to Algeria and Jordan visiting the UN headquarters in Minurso, Minurso remained as a spectator. In mid-November, when Morocco deployed its troops in a buffer zone to “secure” West Africa’s only route to the border of Mohania. This military movement pushed Polisario to break the ceasefire signed in 1991 under the aegis of the United Nations and caused tension with neighboring Algeria without receiving a response from the UN Security Council. During David Schenker’s visit, Algeria told him that it hoped to see Washington maintain its “fairness” on the regional and international landscape. Joe Biden has not yet commented on the US presidential election. Western Sahara Dossier. “Each administration has the privilege to decide its own foreign policy,” David Schenker recalled in Algiers, saying that the Trump administration supported Rabat’s “autonomy plan”. “On the question of whether the United States will be present on the ground in Western Sahara, I want to be clear: the United States is not setting up a military base in Western Sahara” and the US Military Command Staff for Africa (AFRICOM) ” Will not be transferred with AFP

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