Ange Postekoglu takes over Celtic – Yokohama F. brought to you by marino

 Ange Postekoglu takes over Celtic - Yokohama F.  brought to you by marino
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The classic case of: Our only plan didn’t work and we’re trying to save what can no longer be saved from our point of view. There is complete turmoil at home, which will probably affect half the team. Accordingly, I would have liked to see Eddie Howe (probably as much as 99% of fans), who has been proven to work in England and was seen by many as Brendan Rodgers 2.0.

Either way, the coming season will be all about keeping the gap between the Sevaks, which has unfortunately done a lot right in recent years.

Well, Ange is a good coach who wants to offer engaging football and many players are highly admired for his detailed and passionate way of working.
The problem is they had a very technical league in Japan and a very slow league in Australia. In Scotland they play a lot more physically and also play faster in some games, which is certainly a challenge.

In general, however, one can say that purely in terms of style, he also presents a more beautiful football than Howe.
Delegating this mega-task to him in the turmoil of Celtic is certainly a risk, but I certainly see the potential here.

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