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“You think your son has no respect for you”

This was in 2017, when he moved to Jacksonville, Fla. At a pre-season Buccaneers game, Marie-André Quirion realized that her son Antony had reached the pinnacle of her game.

“There were 10,000 people in the stands, just for training. And I was watching my son on the field together [du plaqueur défensif vedette] Gerald McCoy and I told ourselves that McCoy was also someone’s son, “he shows.

“When he was younger, I remember often having only parents in training and sports. When Antony arrived in the NFL, I had to grieve. There were a lot of supporters and you realized that your son is no longer just you. ! I agree, I found it “pocket” in the beginning! One who has grown accustomed to his son’s new status continues.

It was at the college level, when Antony was at quarterback with the Champlain College Cougars in Lennoxville, that his parents began to understand that his son had some special talent.

“At one point, my cell phone rang and the voicemail message was completely in English. It was the coach of the Simon Fraser University Klan in British Columbia, which plays in the NCAA Second Division, which was in Antony. “

Glenn Constantin was also one of the knockers at his door and it was with Rouge et or Euclair eventually decided to do his university internship. Constantine was no stranger to the Auclair family, having rubbed shoulders with Julian’s brother Mario Auclair in the 1980s as a footballer with the University of Ottawa G. Geiss.

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“Glenn is one of the first to see Antony as a tight end rather than a quarterback. Even Antony didn’t believe it at the beginning,” says his father. “Glenn, Justin [Éthier, coordonnateur offensif] And Matthew Bertrand has always believed in him. Justin said that he was a diamond in the rough and that Matthew would spend hours and hours with him. He said it was good to give time for Antony, as he knew that he was working hard. “

Bertrand believed in it

Bertrand’s mouth also reveals that parents learned that their son could go much further in his career in professional football than his peers. “Matthew once told me that for Antony, the Canadian Football League [LCF]It was certain and he was working to send him to the NFL, “says his mother, who was impressed to see scouts from 17 teams during Antony’s Pro Day.

“Then the players’ agents started calling … then they signed with Sasha [Ghavami, son agent] And finally, he made a contract with the Buccaneers “, related to his mother, who assures that Antony has not changed because he is part of the world’s most powerful football league.

“He was still a very down to earth man. He does not act as a star, he returns to the Bees every summer and plans to buy a house in Quebec with his wife. He is an ordinary man who plays a lot, who plays all kinds of video games when he is not on the pitch, ”concludes Marie-Andrei Quarian. Ian Bussieres

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