Assign reasonable expectations to each SEC team in 2020

Assign reasonable expectations to each SEC team in 2020

Expectations on most Power 5 programs before the season are always sky high.

Dreams of a magical run in the championship or a high-level bowl game dance in the head of almost every fan in every program, but the reality is that most fans will be disappointed with these high expectations.

What should fans expect? What is a reasonable expectation for your team?

We are taking a look at every Power 5 program in the country and expect a real win for every team. These are not over-under betting barriers that you will find overseas or in Las Vegas. No, these are my personal expectations for each team and why I believe fans should keep these real expectations in mind as they try to provide the right perspective for next season.

Today we end with the SEC, the only Power 5 conference operating this fall with only one Power Conference schedule. Alabama and Georgia would love to meet in the SEC Championship game, but the extended conference season has stopped upsetting, right? Four new head coaches are also breaking down at the convention, replacing several star quarterbacks, including LSU’s Heisman Trophy winner. J Bur Burrow. Can chaos reign in the SEC?

More importantly, as a rabid fan, how can you put this season into perspective? How many wins should you expect for your team from the reality? The average and explanation of my victory can be found in the space below.

Reasonable expectations for the big 12 teams

Reasonable expectations for ACC teams


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