Bahrain F2: Drugwich opener wins as Ilot closes the gap to Schumacher – F2

Bahrain F2: Drugwich opener wins as Ilot closes the gap to Schumacher - F2

Philip Dragovic won the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship’s spectacular first race on the Bahrain International Circuit, as second-seeded Kumlum Elot advanced to Mick Schumacher’s point lead.

The Brazilian Dragovich was able to pass the Ferrari Jr. Elot on the first corner, enabling him to manage speed during the opening period, and thus gave the MP Motorsport car the tire advantage that he was able to maximize for the rest of the race space.

Dragovich – who had previously won two F2 sprint-races – and Ilot started on the middle combination option tires, and Dragovich was able to advance three times before his pit stop.

Elot, meanwhile, was embroiled in a battle with Marcus Armstrong and Schumacher, each with hard tires, and Britain’s Vertusi racing car was fourth, while he dug in 12 of 32.

The sticky Elot on the left delayed his stop, but his speed on his new hard pyrelys was enough to allow him to pass Dragovich for the lead in the net race when the MP machine ran wide in his out-lap.

Dragovich then used his fresher tire to pass the Elot with 13 fraps left, and was able to extend the distance to 14.8-seconds by a checkered flag.

“I didn’t expect speed like this,” Dragovich said. “I knew we had a chance to be on the podium, but not this way.

“Everything came from taking the lead on the first corner, and I can handle the tires.

“After the stops I had newer tires than the cum and I could pass it.”

Elot added: “I don’t think we got it right on the car tires.

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“It was a surprise at Hards, but he had fresher option tires and he pulled from me.”

Schumacher, who made a great start to the 10th to fourth in the opening round with 13 dominance left, and was sixth when he rejoined.

He did a short job of finishing fourth on Ferrari Jr. and Prema Racing Stable Robert Schwartzman and Armstrong’s ART Grand Prix car, before Zero on Red Bull Jr. Jahan Daruwala’s Carlin Machine.

The Indian was running in the top 10 seam in the first stage, but sat in the same position as Elot to get into the hard rubber.

With two holes left, Daruwala had to defend Schumacher aggressively, and the effort to get past it seemed to take a lot more from the series leader’s tires.

So Schumacher had to settle for fourth place, which was 18-points away from Illot when he finished 12th.

Daruwala’s Carlin teammates, Red Bull and Honda Jr. Yuki Susunada, finished 22nd inside the SS and last on the grid – after qualifying – in fifth place.

Sunoda walked up to Schumacher on hard tires, and then used Armstrong in the final lap to use his relatively fresh medium rubber to rise from the middle-teen position to sixth.

On the flag, Sunoda was heading to the slipstream of Nikita Mazapin of the Hitech Grand Prix, who made great strides in the second round, and if she had run a long run in the race, she would have been fifth.

Armstrong was seventh and Schwartzmann was eighth, given the Russian relay-grid pole.

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Dan Ticketm made a poor start to the third on the grid and struggled to wear tires to finish ninth in his DAMS car, while fellow Williams F1 Project Jack Itcan (Campos Racing) claimed the final point by passing Luca Luto on the last lp.

Result – 32 laps

P.S. Driver Team Gap
. Felipe Dragovich MP Motorsport 58 m 24.004 sec
2 Cumlum Ilot UNI-Vertuoso 14,833s
3 Jahan Daruwala Carlin 19.376s
4 Mick Schumacher According to racing 20.270s
5 Nikita Mazepin Hi-tech Grand Prix 28,293s
6 Yuki Sunuda Carlin 28.590s
7 Marcus Armstrong ART Grand Prix 31,361s
8 Robert Schwartzman According to racing 43,868s
9 And ticktam DMS 46.959s
10 Jack Itken Campus Racing 47,327 s
11 Pedro Pickett Charouz Racing System 49,174s
12 Luca Giotto Hi-tech Grand Prix 49,294s
13 Sean Giel DMS 50,590
14 Guanyu Zhou UNI-Vertuoso 53,775 s
15 Roy Nissani Trident 53.816s
16 Louis Deltrez Charouz Racing System 55.957s
17 Giuliano Alessi MP Motorsport 1 m 01.488 s
18 Theo Porchair BWT HWA RACELAB 1M 01.839C
19 Christian Lundguard ART Grand Prix 1 M 03.086 sec
20 Merino Sato Trident 1 M 05.576 s
21 Gillem Samaiya Campus Racing 1M 06.756C
22 Artem Markelov BWT HWA RACELAB 1 M 16.019 sec

Status of drivers

P.S. Driver Points
. Mick Schumacher 203
2 Cumlum Ilot 191
3 Yuki Sunuda Is 157
4 Nikita Mazepin 150
5 Christian Lundguard 145
6 Robert Schwartzman 144
7 Louis Deltrez 122
8 Guanyu Zhou 119.5
9 Felipe Dragovich 104
10 Luca Giotto 104
11 And ticktam 82.5
12 Jahan Daruwala 51
13 Jack Itken 48
14 Marcus Armstrong 44
15 Nobuharu Matsushita 42
16 Jury Weeps 16
17 Giuliano Alessi 8
18 Artem Markelov 5
19 Roy Nissani 5
20 Sean Giel 3
21 Pedro Pickett 2
22 Merino Sato .
23 Jack Hughes 0
24 Gillem Samaiya 0
25 Theo Porchair 0
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