Ballet 245 Results: Phil Davis decides to split on Luto Machida, Kate Zinga’s late escape from fear

Ballet 245 Results: Phil Davis decides to split on Luto Machida, Kate Zinga's late escape from fear

Phil Davis And Luto Machida Once again went to the judges.

The former light heavyweight champions met him again in the match UFC 163 The battle seven years ago, at the main event in Bellator, on Friday night at Uncasville, Con. Davis, at the Mohagen Sun Arena, reached a unanimous decision Friday night that was shrouded in controversy at the first meeting.

After spending another 15 minutes together, Davis took a commanding lead in the series in another close affair.

Both fighters were very cautious in the beginning as they each scored with a single foot and a physical kick. Davis Machida landed a nice head kick around the halfway point of the round he ate, and then responded with his own answer. The kicking continued throughout the Exchangeos round while Davis was using different fantasies and would make his wrestling potential in the next round.

Davis started the second round with a hard kick to the body. “Mr. Wonderful” will also land at Machida’s feet, almost trying to beat the former UFC champion in his own game. Was drawn and forced, which appeared, to be slipped by Machida.Davis Machida grabbed the body kick and tacked it as soon as the round was over.Machida clearly went away with two or three fences.

The pacing didn’t change much to start the final steps. Both Davis and Machida scored with hard leg kicks. Just over three minutes later, Machida landed in a clean one-two combination, following the left. After Davis landed his right hand, Machida kicked the ankle, Davis responded. The last minute of the fight and Machida responds to a big right-handed Davis leg kick. The pace of the second hard leg kick created by Machida has changed little. High kick landing by Machida before the final bell.

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In the end, Davis improved the series 2-0 by a split decision.

Cat Tables The first ballerina escapes the scare at the end to win

Kate Zingano sees the start of her long-awaited ballet at the co-main event Gabriel Holloway. The opening round saw the two women exchanging big shots early on. Gingo was able to land on a tough takedown for just over a minute to go and pass the rest of the round to the top.

After the second round for the shrimp, Holloway reversed the fate in the third round. After the shrimp landed as early as possible, Holloway returned to her feet and then ended up in her own full mounting position, landing with her elbow strap before sweeping the shrimp and back to the top. Holloway made one last attempt to get back on his feet, but Zingano pulled him back, pulled him back, and landed on the strike bar until the final toll of the strike.

Zingano achieved the decision with a pair of 30-26 scorecards and 29-27.

Extremely uncertain future Ed Ruth Returned to the middleweight division for the first time in almost three years, but Taylor Johnson Ruth was not given a hearty welcome by submitting via leggings within a minute.

Meanwhile the main card opener Raymond Daniels And Peter Stanonic Another contest of the night ended at the end of the night due to an inadvertent groin strike. Daniels continued to land kicks under the belt which led to the fight of referee Jason Herzog.

Check out the full Ballet 245 Results below:

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Main card

Phil Davis Def. Decision split by Luto Machida (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Kate Zingano’s Def. Gabriel Holloway by consensus (29-27, 30-26 x2)

Taylor Johnson’s Def. By Ed Ruth Submission (Heel Hook) (R1, 0:59)

Raymond Daniels vs. Peter Stanonic No contest ruled (two inadvertent shots for Groin) (R2, 1:00)

Starter card

Alex Polzi Def. Rafael Carvalho By unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Leslie Smith Def. Amanda Bell By unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Tyrell Fortune Vs. Jack May Announced a contest (accidental knee length) (R1, 2:42)

Keith Lee Def. Vinicius Zani By unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)


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