Bayern striker: Lewandowski sparked departure: “Something got out of me”

Bayern striker: Lewandowski sparked departure:

Status: 07.06.2022 at 5:59 PM

Robert Lewandowski follows suit. In the transfer dispute with FC Bayern, Pole criticized Bayern owners. It’s about “loyalty and respect”. The former love affair is in danger of ending.

There was a time when Robert Lewandowski spoke passionately about Bayern Munich. No more sparks.

Quite the contrary: “something in it” broke, Lewandowski said in an interview for the Polish Internet portal “”. And it cannot be taken away. I’m leaving because I want more emotions in my life. The striker is pushing for his departure with new statements. Not because of the money, as they say. “I want more emotions in life,” said Dhruv, explaining his change request. So he wanted to “just leave” the record champion eight years later.

Lewandowski aiming to move to FC Barcelona

The former love affair between the soccer record champion and his top striker seems to be finally falling apart. It’s hard to imagine that Sabner, 33, will remain on straige until the end of his contract in the summer of 2023 following new statements. Poland’s national team captain and his mentor, Pini Jahawi, had already announced at the end of May that Bayern Munich was over. Lewandowski is said to be aiming to move to FC Barcelona. Is Bayern turning its way now?

Until recently, the Munich leadership had been tough in controversy. Sports director Hassan Salihamidzic and board boss Oliver Kahn categorically denied the world footballer’s premature departure. Since Cannes’ “Basta” term in mid-May, there have been statements on a weekly basis by the Bavarian board of directors according to which Lewandowski will fulfill his contract.

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Salihamidzic told “Build” newspaper on Tuesday that Lewandowski had called him. “Among other things, we talked about his public statements. I clearly explained to him my position on the status of his contract,” said Salihamidzic, again referring to previous statements from the management team.

But now the combat for super striker is like mud battle. Happy Ending? Really impossible. “What I have achieved because of Bayern and what Bayern have achieved because of me, I think after all these years finding solutions for both sides will be the best solution,” the 33-year-old said. There is no point in a unilateral decision. “Loyalty and respect are probably more important than this business,” Pol said.

Hoeneß requests the fulfillment of the contract

Bayern’s Honorary President Uli Hohens said on Monday he thinks Lewandowski will remain. “I think the new team is being worked on very intensively and if everything comes to what they presented to me this week, I see a good chance that we will have an attractive team next year – Robert Lewandowski,” said 70-year-old TV station Sport1.

The former club president urged the star striker to fulfill his contract, which runs until June 30, 2023, if there is no replacement for the Bundesliga record scorer. “And then you have to see if he will go on a free transfer next year or maybe even be extended again, nobody knows,” Hoenes said.

There is no replacement for the best striker ever in the Bundesliga. According to media reports, Liverpool FC has rejected the first Bayern offer for Sadio Mane. According to information from TV broadcaster Sport1, Bayern are looking to follow suit and present a better offer with a fixed transfer fee of 35 million euros. But Senegal is seen more as a possible successor to Serge Gnabry. Stuttgart centre-forward Sasa Kalajadjic, who is also associated with FCB, could come in for Lewandowski.

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