Benjamin Hebert, provisional fourth at the British Open: “I won’t let go, I work”

Benjamin Hebert, provisional fourth at the British Open:

“After your complicated start to the season, did you expect to pull off a performance like this?
It’s always complicated to start a season like this (7 failed cuts in 14 tournaments) but I don’t give up, I work. I have some employees. Sometimes there are choices that are not easy to make, but we are moving forward.

What did you like most about your game during this first round?
I played very well, it’s been a long time since I felt great with my driver. Then I also put some solid boards for par. There were a lot of tough flags at the end of the course. There’s also a lot of wind, so it’s hard to be aggressive on the puts, we don’t want to allow ourselves to be too complicated return puts. Depending on the position of the flag, it is always difficult to have the right speed. But I handled it well towards the end of the game and I am happy.

“I still have a lot of energy released at the end. But I feel good”

Does the Lynx game sound right to you?
In Europe, we are used to playing links. Since we are amateurs, we play a lot. In Scotland, Ireland, British amateurs at that time, Scottish, British, we are used to playing these courses. Now, it’s always difficult, you have to make really clear decisions, make choices and not hesitate too much because you already know that it’s never good to be hesitant in golf. But here again more on wind directions, where you want to place the ball so that it is the easiest stroke to play later. Obviously, this is an advantage.

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Remember, how long had you not played so well?
I did -7 the first day in Kenya, but the golf tournament isn’t just one round, four days ago, you have to continue this pattern, get well rested and play straight strokes. I still have a lot of energy released at the end. But I feel good, I am not tired, although this is my third week in a row. “


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