Boons from himself and opposing fans – knee-jerk soccer players cause red heads

Boons from himself and opposing fans - knee-jerk soccer players cause red heads

England coach Southgate: “I expected more boons”

For the second time in a row, fans of the England national team admitted to the players kneeling. It was prepared by coach Gareth Southgate.


Some fans of the England national team recently vehemently acknowledged the players kneeling. Coach Gareth Southgate has prepared for it, but he still wants to encourage his players.

The “Three Lions” played two Test matches in Middlesbrough this week (1-0 victories against Austria and Romania). Some of the 7,000 spectators cheered the players while others applauded as players took to their knees before kick-off to express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Kneeling” causes red heads on the island. Even politicians intervened for votes. Conservative MP Lee Anderson raid, If players continue to protest like this, they will boycott the games.

Even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson felt compelled to make a statement. His spokesman said: “The prime minister supports the English national team and wants them to succeed. And he wants the whole nation to stand behind him during this tournament.”

At the same time, the spokesperson stressed that the Premier “expects all fans to be treated with respect at every football game”. He also indicated that the Prime Minister is not a big fan of the gesture. “As far as kneeling in particular is concerned, the prime minister prefers to focus on actions rather than gestures,” he said. Johnson “respects the right of those who choose to protest peacefully to express their feelings.”

Southgate: “I expected more boons”

Despite some fans and criticism, England’s footballers want to take a stand against racism ahead of European Championship matches. The team had talked about it and they too would be fielding for the EM Games with one knee, Calvin Phillips said.

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“First and foremost, we are all very disappointed that this happened,” said national coach Gareth Southgate, even though he expected it. “I don’t get it. If you don’t agree with it, there’s probably nothing you can do. But, in my opinion, chatting on your team is a very strange reaction.”

Hungarian fans kneel to Irish people

The gesture is not good everywhere, not only in England, but also abroad. When the Irish took a knee on Tuesday evening before kick-off in Budapest, some Hungarian fans reacted incomprehensible. “The fact that it was booed is incomprehensible,” said Ireland coach Stephen Kenny. “It’s disappointing and it doesn’t really shed a good light on Hungary.”


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