Braunschweig fights to win against Hertha

Braunschweig fights to win against Hertha

Status: 07/31/2022 11:02 PM

Eintracht Braunschweig reached the second main round of the DFB Cup in a thrilling cup thriller against Hertha BSC on Sunday evening (07/31/2022). The team in the second division won 6:5 on penalties.

Eintracht fans saw the game’s first big opportunity in the fifth minute, when Emmanuel Ferrai nearly put the hosts ahead after a fine single. But his right footed shot was blocked by Daedric Boyata at the last minute. After that the guests of the capital got better in the game. The lead quickly followed.

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First Selke, then Maulida

Davey Selke led a right cross from Marvin Plattenhardt’s right and nodded from four yards (10′). Since then, Berlin has played even more effectively with their trailing lead and created more scoring chances. Shortly before the break, Maijian Maolida scored the second goal for Hertha after a cross pass from Dodi Lukebaccio.

In the second half, Ferai did not even get a second big chance. After a throw-in by Keita Ando, ​​the Dutchman hits the near post. But after Ferrai’s third excellent scene, the game took the “different” course that Braunschweig was yearning for.

Roller coaster rides stress fans’ nerves

Ferrai reappeared in the penalty area, hit the ball to his foot and was hit in the supporting leg by Boyata during the defence. Because Brian Behrendt converted a penalty kick (63.). After that, it took only three minutes for Lower Saxony to equalize: Lion Lauberbach, after a pass from the right, was quicker than Hertha’s defense and put the ball into the goal from a central position eight meters away.

The hosts thought they were lucky when the excellent Ferai Braunschweig took the first lead in the game shortly after the start of extra time. The 21-year-old attacker took the 3-2 (91st) place with a counter-attack played till the end.

exciting expansion

But then the “old lady” counterattacked twice: scored first Lucas Tousart With a deflected long-range shot into black, Lukebacchio pointed the ball from the right into the Braunschweig goal net after the start of the second half of extra time.

But still not enough: in the third to final minute of extra time, Brian Henning threw the ball into the net from long distance and saved Eintrach on a penalty. There, the hosts had a better end for themselves after Berlin’s Mark Oliver Kempf chased the ball over the Braunschweig goal and Henning again converted safely.

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