Breaking: Giants to free CB Deadre Baker, according to reports

Breaking: Giants to free CB Deadre Baker, according to reports insider Ian Rapoport states that New York Giants Will free the cornbuck Dandre Baker.

This is a move that was expected for a while. The warrant was first issued on May 14 this year for his arrest for his alleged role in Baker’s armed robbery.

A lot of twists and turns have been taken in the legal case since then and at the time the Giants told him to stay away from meetings and team facilities. Since Baker is on the commissioner’s waiver list, he does not count his roster of or0 or 53 men.

Giants owner John Mara told a recent press conference that a decision would be made soon. I said, “We haven’t seen it for sure [Baker’s arrest] Coming. A decision on this will be taken later. He added, “The Dandre thing was shocking. There was no hint from the college ledge… I listened very closely to those players and their backgrounds and whatnot, and especially in those draft meetings when you were talking about the first round player. There is no indication that we should be concerned about any criminal activity. It was a big disappointment. “

“The Dendre Baker thing was something we didn’t see coming.” “I read some stories that there were red flags about it, but not in the sense that you are at all concerned about criminal behavior. Obviously, it’s something that puts the organization to shame. It’s just something we have to face. It happens from time to time. Fortunately, 99.9 percent of our players are good citizens. This was something we just didn’t see coming and that’s something we have to face. “

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Baker was expected to become one of the Giants’ early cornbrooks with the addition of a veteran free agent. James Bradberry. The Giants will now join in a match-up of their week Corey Ballantine, Logan Ryan, Isaac Iyadom, And Brandon Williams Beyond BRad dabery.

We’ll bring you more news as we meet.


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