British gymnastics says Amy Tinkler’s claims of weight loss are ‘unacceptable’ gymnastics

Amy Tinkler, the Olympic bronze medalist in British gymnastics, has called the overweight allegations “completely unacceptable”.

In an interview with ITV News, Tinkler describes how national coach, Amanda Reddin, accused him of “going psycho” after finding sweet rappers in her room, and appearing “fat”. Tinkler also convicted Radin, who was sidelined from the role left for a detailed investigation of his action for an ankle injury that caused him to miss the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

British Gymnastics said in a statement: “The incidents reported by Amy are completely unacceptable in our sport. An investigation into several such claims is already underway. These allegations and any additional information that Amy wants to submit will be provided to the relevant investigation. “

Last week, Tinkler published a series of emails in which another national coach, Colin Steele, hinted at her being a “fat dwarf”, and asked British gymnastics to launch a separate investigation.

Tinkler is not the first select GB athlete to question “weight-shaming” techniques. Rio teammate Lilly Downey revealed that she was asked to lose weight regularly during national camps, and was asked by a nutritionist to provide a food diary of everything she ate, and to post pictures of herself in her underwear every day.

Alyssa Downey also claims to be subject to weight demands during national camps.
Alyssa Downey also claims to be subject to weight demands during national camps. Photograph: Peter Byrne / P.A.

Describing an incident at a training camp before the World Championships, Tinkler said: “Amanda came to us and said: ‘I can be a bitch when I want to be a bitch, and this is one of them.’ Psycho went to us for keeping sweet wrappers in our room. There was a girl whose appearance she liked, her body shape was ideal for her and she said, you should all look like this girl.

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“But a gymnast does not have the same body shape. We were told that our bodies are just like Americans and they look good and they look muscular and we were told that we are just fat. “

In a statement issued by British Gymnastics, Reddy said: “[I] In response to these allegations I will have the full support of an independent investigator by submitting all relevant information and evidence. ”

Speaking for the first time since the allegations were made against him, he said it was “really disastrous” to learn that the comments he made hurt any exercise. He added: “Thanks to me two years ago, I don’t remember the record of making these comments. The investigation is ongoing which I fully support and will submit all relevant information and evidence. ”


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