British Royalty: Mike Tindall is on trial

British Royalty: Mike Tindall is on trial

Bad news again from the British royal family: Mike Tyndall is on trial for damages.

Mike Tindall is the husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall. Rani’s granddaughter and former rugby player have been married since 2011. © Image Combine / Photoshot

Mike Tyndall is sued for damages

Mike Tyndall is in trouble. The 42-year-old is involved in a lawsuit and is now also being sued for damages.

but what happened? Along with his former partner James Haskell and presenter Alex Payne, the former athlete ran a podcast “House of Rugby” on the subject of rugby. Initially, the podcast was run by the media, but was then taken over by the newly established Greencastle Capital. The company planned to continue the podcast with Zara Tindall’s husband and colleagues. Eventually the trio set up their own podcast called “The Good the Bad and the Rugby”.

Controversy goes to court on podcast

“Greencastle Capital” now accuses Mike Tindall and his associates of trying to continue the show after the sale. As the company claims, the three were not allowed to use the House of Rugby branding or to seek sponsors themselves. James Haskell and Mike Tindall are also said to have worn the brand’s T-shirt. It has infringed trademark rights, claimed “Greencastle Capital” and applied for an injunction.

Three podcasters are already hitting back. He claims that “Joe Media” still owes him about 82,000 euros. The case is now in the High Court of London.

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