Bundesliga: Hertha coach Korkut: “Adjust the sensitivity”

Bundesliga: Hertha coach Korkut:

Status: 02/13/2022 1:08 PM

Nowhere do claims and realities differ as widely as in the Hertha BSc. Coach Taifun Korkut is still hoping for a change of mindset after the next setback at Firth.

Taifun Korkut looked into the middle of the sun. Hertha Trainer didn’t want to be dazzled by the already warming rays.

His team’s next disastrous performance at 1:2 a.m. the day before opened the eyes of the now-defunct coach of the Berlin Bundesliga club, who was in permanent trouble, mercilessly to SPVGG Grüther Firth. A change of mindset is needed at Hertha — and early on, Korkut said in a media briefing on the Olympic grounds after a 45-minute endurance run.

Korkut called for “full attention” in the battle for exile. After five league games without a win and only one point being relegated, the 47-year-old’s message to his players was quite surprising. After all, the trainer only told the pros to take things. “Be realistic and accept the situation as it is,” Korkut said, adding words that once again raise doubts about the character of some Hertha professionals. You shouldn’t “think about other things where maybe one or the other sees itself,” Koch said.

Corekut takes the team to work

When asked, Korkut denied that he spoke specifically about the selfishness of the stars. But some moods are not making her happy. “We expect the team to come closer. In the end, when a team is in a difficult situation, they have to get themselves out of it, each player has to re-regulate their sensitivity, and also make sure It happens that they are subordinate in the team,” he said.

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The first half at Firth, when the game was lost early, provided a lot of counterattacks. Hertha fans who traveled with him were outraged and shouted “Exiled, banished”. Hertha’s coach himself described the upcoming games against RB Leipzig, SC Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt as a “big part”.

The root that Korkut experienced in the capital, like its predecessors from Pal Dardai to Bruno Labadia to Jürgen Klinsmann, remains a team mystery that can’t turn into a team that makes rookie mistakes in stressful situations. “It is extremely shameful that we are in a situation like this again,” left-back Maximilian Mittelstadt described the current situation. “It doesn’t work without a fight. We have a lot more to do,” said veteran Vladimir Darida.

Korkut is still close to the edge of idioms and slogans. The ex-pro speaks of the quality that matters when the bets aren’t perfect and is opposed to shouting or playing jumping jacks. The fact that he is only allowed to fulfill his contract, which runs until the end of the season, is now being questioned at the west end of the capital. Legendary doer Freddy Bobic should, at least for the time being, stick to his first choice of coach after splitting from club icon Dardai – despite many fans’ longing for Nico Kovac as Hertha savior.


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