Canada national para hockey team reveals its 2021-2022 season schedule

2021 22 para can usa action

International Para Hockey Cup and playoffs against South Korea and USA will be part of Beijing’s preparations

Calgary, Alb. , After a two-match series against the United States that ended on 30 October,Canada national para hockey team unveiled its full 2021-2022 season schedule in preparation for the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, China.

As part of a seven-month trip to Beijing, 19 players will travel to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia to take on South Korea in a four-match series at the Lunenburg Country Lifestyle Center. 13 November to 19 November,

In addition to its series against South Korea, Canada will compete in the International Para Hockey Cup in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The exhibition tournament will bring together four teams: Canada, CPR, the United States and the Czech Republic. There will be six skirmishes at RT Torex Arena, December 12 to 19, The schedule also includes a two-match series against the United States at the Woolwich Memorial Center in Elmira, Ont., from January 31 to February 6, 2022. This will be the last international competition before the Paralympics.

“We are pleased to unveil our season’s schedule, which gives us the opportunity to cross swords with the best teams on the planet as the year progresses and our journey to the Paralympic Games,” the coach said. -Chief Ken Babe (Calgary, Alb.), “As important as our training camps are, it will be very rewarding for our athletes to compete against the best soldiers in the world during the year in preparation for our gold hunt next March. ,

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The Canada national para hockey team will begin 2022 with a training camp on January 9–14 (location to be determined). Then, from February 15 to 25, she will attend a training camp at the WinSport Arena at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary to prepare for the Paralympic Winter Games beginning on March 5.

Canada will seek its sixth Paralympic medal and first gold since 2006. Overall, Canadians took one gold (2006), two silver (1998, 2018) and two bronze (1994, 2014).

Canada’s final roster for the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games is expected to be announced in early February.

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