Carleton Ravens at Beijing Olympics?

Carleton Ravens at Beijing Olympics?

France would attempt to achieve their first Olympic qualification in the discipline against Slovakia, South Korea and Sweden.

I am excited to go. I think we can really do something with the team we have. we are going to give everything, Quarto mentions, met before leaving for Scandinavia.

The mission is within reach of the blue, who must take the first line of the group to obtain their ticket to Beijing. France also beat its biggest rival Sweden this summer in their last meeting.

Every sport has to be taken seriously. I know we’re going to do it and give it our all on ice. it quickly becomes 60 minutes, insists the player.

Lucy Quarto wears the colors of France on the international scene.

Photo : Instagram / lucie_quarto

, I have watched Olympics on TV since I was little. To imagine this worthy country would be like a dream come true. ,

, a quote from Lucie Quarto, player of the Ravens and France team

19-year-old Carleton Ravens got his hand after discussions with the coaches of the France team. Her new team clearly wants her to continue her journey to the Olympic Games, even if she has to lose several meetings.

A hockey coach looks at the lens.  He wears a helmet and has a embarrassed smile.

Carleton Ravens women’s hockey coach Pierre Allen

Photo: Radio-Canada / Hugo Belanger

It is certain that we will gather to watch their matches. This will bring exceptional visibility to the team. She represents us in the France team, but it would also be an honor to see her play in the Olympics., says his trainer Pierre Allen excitedly.

Another style of play in Canada

It is a taste of adventure and a new experience that brought the player from Besançon in the French Comte to the capital to continue his studies in English. Quarto is also learning a lot from a new style of play in college hockey.

It’s not the same hockey! I learn a lot. We do not see similar systems. It’s especially more aggressive I get the impression. It helps me develop other aspects of my game, adds Quarto who describes himself as a defensive defender.

Ravens rookie is slowly adjusting to more robust hockey where decisions have to be made quickly on a small rink.

A young hockey player stands on the ice near his bench and photographs.

Lucie Quarto is a member of the Carleton Ravens and the French national team.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jonathan Jobin

I try to be as aggressive as possible. Take charge at the front of the cage and push in the band. that’s what i try to do, Quarto says.

He is fortunate to be with a hockey family, which is extraordinary for him. His adaptation to his new teammates and his new life in Canada is going great, Pierre Allen insists.

It was while following her older brother Alexis and her sister Lee to the arena that Lucy became engaged to hockey. The third in a family of five children, the French woman is now forging her own path.

I loved playing with boys! Then the French team came and I saw it was possible to continue, the Ravens player explains.

A young woman wears a helmet with a grid during hockey practice.

Carlton Ravens defender Lucy Quarto

Photo: Radio-Canada / Hugo Belanger

Attending the Olympics in France’s blue jersey would be a surprise for Quarto, but facing its new host country would be an even bigger step.

I think we all have already thought about who we are going to play against if we qualify! It would be huge to play against teams like the United States or Canada., Quarto thinks out loud.

The French Olympic course will give an additional boost to women’s hockey in France.

I think hockey is making really good progress at the women’s level. We have more media coverage and we are more recognized anyway. But, there’s still a way to go, sums up Quarto., who will have other teammates who rank at a Canadian university within his roster.

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