CDM 2022: All Information on Dams

CDM 2022: All Information on Dams

After the last matches of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers in the Europe region, we now know the 12 teams that will play the play-offs. We first search for seeds with Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Wales. Then, six other nations that are in the second cap: Turkey, Poland, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The final two selections, the third in their respective groups, take advantage of their good results in the previous Nations League to compete in the play-offs.

The draw in Zurich on 26 November will see the 12 nations divided into three lanes in an unprecedented format. Each route has two semi-finals which will be played in a match on March 24, 2022, then the two winners will face each other in the final on March 29. The three winning finalists will validate their qualification for the World Cup.

Barrageur’s Pot 1: Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Wales.

Barrage pot 2: Turkey, Poland, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic.

World Cup 2022: How do the new dams in the Europe region work?

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