Celebs and Tartan cry for Army Clark’s men to be proud of Euro 2020 qualification

Celebs and Tartan cry for Army Clark's men to be proud of Euro 2020 qualification

Fans of the Tartan Army and stars of TV, sports and showbiz have shouted radnal to give Serbia shoes in the Balkans for Scotland’s footy statues.

Supporters say they feel confident ahead of the make-or-break Euro 2020 showdown in Belgrade tonight.


Scott celebs have been cheering on national stars
Steve Clarke will be able to lead Scotland in the first tournament since 1998


Steve Clarke will be able to lead Scotland in the first tournament since 1998

But they spoke of the frustration of keeping an eye on the telly as the match behind closed doors amidst the coli crisis.

Ein Emerson, editor of the famous Tartan Army magazine, will be introduced at his sterling home – and he supported boss Steve Clark and his boys for a repeat of last month’s penalty shootout heroism on Israel.

He said: “Victory will remove the epidemic that we are all causing because of the epidemic and will give a big boost to the whole country.

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“I feel really confident. It will be really difficult, but Stevie Clark has planned enough for us to pull off a big result.

“I would love to come there, but I’m just watching him at home and the Scottish flag will come out.

“Hopefully at the end of the game I can get champagne.

Ian Emerson will monitor from home


Ian Emerson will monitor from home

“We’ve been waiting a long time but I think we’ll take it 1-0.”

The Scottish men will advance to the first major finals after the 1998 World Cup in France with the victory of the Rajik Mitic Stadium.

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Fans suffered a painful setback, including a defeat against England for the European Championship in 2000 and a Holland play-losses for Euro 2004.

But tonight’s win will see them advance to Group D in next year’s delayed tournament with the Alden enemy, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

The Tartan Army will be forced to watch from home


The Tartan Army will be forced to watch from home

We will decide to visit the first Czech at Hampden on 14 June, face England at Wembley four days later and return to Glasgow on 22 June against Croatia.

Hamish Hasbahen of West Scf Scotland Tartan Army had a virus outbreak for tonight’s game, but will now be cheering at home in Ayre.

He said: “We are on the verge of qualifying for the first time in 23 years and we cannot go.

“Because of all these failures, it’s strange that a Scottish fan wouldn’t come across the ground if we did. Even in defeat you need to be there.


“It would be so weird to watch it on TV when your heart and tartan scarf are in the stadium.

“I think we’ll win and if we do I’ll have a heroic drum to celebrate.”

Footy commentator Archie Maferson is also supporting the Scots’ pride.

The tele-legend said: “There are still 90 minutes left and it would be great if they could win.


“We all need enthusiasm after this year. That would be a big increase.

“It will be a difficult game. I would love to comment on that. The supporting element in me says we can do it.

“My optimism says 2-1 Scotland.”

Fellow TV fans, Captain Andy Robertson and his team joined in the chorus to become the legends of the game’s statues and stage and screen stars.


Sofa Queen Lauren Kelly believes the team spirit will help Scotland win all the ties to become the winner.

The 60-year-old Scottish Sun columnist said: “Good luck to our boys.

“They know how to cut our nerves and keep them on the edge of our seats – but we use them.

“But there’s a real understanding of the camaraderie and team spirit that has evolved and it’s amazing to see. We can do this.”

The legend of pint-sized crankies, Janet Tuff, 73, counts in terms of size when we take the Eastern European nation – whose population of 9.9 million is about a million larger than ours.

Retired Panto Ayak said: “Let’s go to Scotland – let’s win fan-dabi-dozi in Serbia.

“They are just a small country like us so we have nothing to fear.”

Wrestling superstar Drew M. Contier, who recently lost the WWE title, has been praying for Scotland to make his first major tournament since he was 13 years old.

He said: “I want to deal with the team right now – if they qualify for the Euros I will make sure I get the WWE Championship back.

“It will give Scotland some things to be proud of.”

Clyde One and GBX Anthems DJ George Bowie, whose Beats and Peace dance is a success with Tartan Army’s Stalwerts in the classic Hampden, said: “Good luck Scotland.

“I was lucky enough to be there in 1998 and want to be there in 2021. Now we just need to remix Calvin Harris’ bits and pieces and we’ll be good to go!”

Veteran country singer Sidney Divine, 80, has her “fingers crossed”.

He added: “We live in hope – that’s all you can do with the Scottish team. But, it would be a great way to have a tough year. ”

Game Th F Thrones and Braveheart star James Cosmo, 73, told the Scottish Sun: “Congratulations to the boys.

“Make us more proud of you. Unstable them! “I know this great football team will once again bring Scotland to the Euros,” said Outlander actor Graham Mtkwish, 59.

“Put that jersey on the ldsds, put your hand on the lion’s chest and make us proud of the bloody well.”

Business around Scotland said that evening.4. Ahead of kick5’s kick-off, they were scrambling for food and drink.

Domino’s chiefs said pizza orders are expected to pick up while take-to-pints from pubs are in high demand.

We talked about how the fans were supporting Steve Clark to win in the draw of outsiders.

William Hill said nine out of ten bets were for victory within 90 minutes, with bookies facing a 1 million payment.

But BB Petri, of MacBookie.com. The Scots said the success would “outweigh the financial pain”.

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