Cesar Hernandez gives Cleveland Indians a 4-3 walk-win against Milwaukee

Cesar Hernandez gives Cleveland Indians a 4-3 walk-win against Milwaukee

CLEVELAND, Ohio – What’s most memorable from Saturday night in the Progressive Region?

Will it be Jose Ramirez’s 10-pitch at bat that ended in a two-run homer? Or did Aaron Civale and the releasing Calculus Contrell and Nick Whitgren set out to fill the filled bases in the sixth and seventh innings? Or maybe the catch of the charming catcher Sandy Leone’s third catcher?

We didn’t make it any of the above and the first hits of the season near Milwaukee along with Sc Scar Mercado were run by Josh Header and Cesar Hernandez with a single hand in front of a five-man up for a 3-walk. Win off. How does that sound?

The most feared header in the National League threw two pitches towards Mercado and he sent another one to the left on the wall. He then led Mercado to third before delivering a single to Hernandez through Milwaukee’s five-man infield for Hernandez Silver’s first walk-win f win. They have won their last four and seven of their last nine games.

The first Had Ray allowed 13 appearances covering 11 2/3 innings this season. The win went to Brad Hand (1-1) near Tribe, who allowed Tyrone Taylor to double the leadoff in the ninth, but got out of trouble.

Due to coronavirus safety protocols, the walk-in celebration was weaker than usual.

“You can’t really celebrate,” Handy said. “Everyone rushed there and did not know what to do. This was our first this year. We didn’t get a chance to do that. For sure it was kind of different. “

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Mercado said he knew the header did not allow a hit.

“I know he loves fastballs,” said Markado. “I was going to look at something difficult. He kind of threw where I was trying to hit the ball. “

Header had 12 scoreless appearances, MLB records to start the season. His opposition was 0-for-35 against him with 10-walks, 18 strikeouts and two hit batsmen.

Milwaukee’s Land Relando Arcia tied the score at 3-3 with a leadoff homer in the eighth. Whitgren, who came out of a base-filled jam in the eighth, gave Homer access to the left field bleachers on a 3-1 pitch.

The Brewers loaded the seventh base with two outs. Quantum Contrell hit Caston Hura from the pitch and Christian Yelich single. The bases were loaded when Leon was called up to intercept his third catcher of the season. Whitgren relieved Daniel Vogelbach from the strike.

It’s not a game to remember Leon, who attacked four times and made two mistakes.

Homer of Ramirez gave the Indians a 3-1 lead in five overs. He followed Hernandez’s double with his team’s top ninth homer of the season. Milwaukee starter Brandon Woodruff went 0-2 against Ramirez, but Ramirez advanced to eight more pitches on the wall of the right field 353 feet from the plate before turning it towards a m 96-mile fastball ball.

“His focus was good today,” said acting manager Sandy Alomar. “He was driving to get the pitch he wanted to run. Eventually he found a pitch he could handle and put it off. “

The rally began with a double home score from Mernado from Hernandez, drawing 1-1. Mercado walked away with an out and scored on Hernandez’s 14th double of the season, which was a bolt for the left side. He defeated A.L. in doubles. In the second place started the game.

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Sival saw the Indian in the fifth send eight batters to the plate and he could work against it. Hiru opened with a second-homer with his second homer, despite being 0-2 in his 0-2 count. Ryan Brown sent a one-out triple from the wall in the right center area, to put the heat on the seams.

He went to left-handed hitter Vogelbach, but Orlando Archie, right-handed hitter. Then to load that base, the second left-hander walked to Omar Narwaz. He escaped Lewis Urea to come to Force Play in second place.

The Indians felt arrogant when Milwaukee took a 1-0 lead in the fifth. Voglebach hit Wright with a two-out double to score Higura from the second base. Hira was hit from the pitch and Catcher was in first place on Leon’s erroneous pickoff throw.

The 270-pound Voglebach went in second and was called safe, but Francisco Linder was confident they would tag him in time after he threw Tyler Nakvin. Linder swam out of the bag and signaled to the bench for a replay. He was so confident, he took most of the nuisance with him as Alomar challenged the safe call.

The call on the field did not take long to support Lindor and the rest of the subcontractors had to reclaim their position.

Seville allowed two runs in six innings in six innings. He scored six, walked three and walked with a 2-2 lead.

“It was a perfect team win,” Sivale said.

Woodruff walked 4/3 innings, seven outs and three walks. He allowed three runs on four hits.

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