Cologne Centurions Found Christopher Azilla

Cologne Centurions Found Christopher Azilla

Munich – The European League of Football is on the rise. Now the new football league is waiting for the next major name. The Cologne Centurion lures Christopher Azzella to the cathedral city. The 25-year-old was most recently a free agent in the NFL.

The fullback fought for a regular spot on the roster in the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad in 2018 and 2019. In all, he came on nine missions to the Presidency.

“I worked hard, every unit was like a game. If you don’t work out, you’re gone,” he says of his time in the States.

He also sees the ELF as an opportunity, as he wants to continue living the NFL dream and therefore wants to show himself through this path. “My goal is to recommend to the NFL again,” he said.

ELF “Perfect Platform”

For him, the European League of Football is “the perfect platform on which I can showcase my talents and skills,” Azzella said. But that’s not all: he also wants to push the new league, whose premier season begins in the summer.

He insisted, “I also see this as my work helping to establish the Cologne franchise and new leagues. Our sport is getting bigger and more popular in Europe, especially in Germany. I do it for myself.” I see that as an opportunity.”

“We are very pleased that we were able to convince Chris to take on our franchise. He will take a leadership role in our squad,” said general manager David Dren, who reached a deal with Azilla on Thursday.

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start in june

The European League of Football begins in June, with eight franchises from three countries and the first champion of the Continental League to be chosen in September. Participants in the field include the Hamburg Sea Devils, Berlin Thunder, Frankfurt Galaxy, Cologne Centurions, Stuttgart Scorpions, Leipzig Kings as well as Poland’s Wroclaw Panthers and Spain’s Barcelona Gladiators.

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