Color blind fans complain about shirt

Color blind fans complain about shirt

Rugby fans are watching the Six Nations tournament with great interest. However, the colors of the jerseys of Ireland and Wales cause a lot of frustration for blind people.

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  • Frustrated fans at the Six Nations Rugby Tournament.
  • Green and red shirts from Ireland and Wales are a problem for color blind people.

The Six Nations Rugby tournament is currently taking place. Traditionally, national teams from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales take part.

However, the opening game between Ireland and Wales is already causing frustration among some fans. And not because of the gameplay. No, but the red and green jerseys of the two teams of the Six Nations are especially difficult for people of color to tell apart.

The problem continues to cause a flood of complaints, the BBC reported today. As of autumn, the World Federation of World Rugby introduced a related regulation which aims to prevent this in the future. However, this is not to come into force until 2027 – too late for many of those affected.

“They should change it for the fans. It doesn’t matter what colors they wear,” BBC quoted a young fan as saying.

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